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Powder Compaction Analysers for Industry and Academia

Gamlen Tableting designs pharmaceutical instruments to create high-quality tablets.

Gamlen Instruments supplies high-performance laboratory instruments for powder compaction analysis and characterisation to enable scientists to create effective tablets.

The company also provides a range of services, including tablet manufacture, compaction analysis, and the provision of expert tableting training courses.

D series powder compaction analyser for advanced tableting research with in-die dynamic compaction analysis

Designed for industry and academic professionals, the D series powder compaction analyser is Gamlen Instruments' flagship instrument for advanced tableting research. The D series enables in-die dynamic compaction analysis, generating data for compactibility, compressibility, and tabletability plots (Kawakita and Heckel) with 1µm accuracy and tablet tensile fracture stress.

The Gamlen Instruments' Manufacturability Protocol, when used in conjunction with the Gamlen TTA instrument, quickly assesses whether a powder will make a good tablet. This quick and simple material assessment requires just 15-25 tablets, which are compressed under tightly controlled conditions.

R series entry level tableting research and development (R&D) system for scientists in academia and industry

The Gamlen R series powder compaction analyser is designed to support tableting research.

A bench top, computer controlled, powder compaction analyser, the R series is an upgradeable instrument.

R series powder compaction analysers are used to compare materials and formulations, identifying the difference in the lubrication and compressibility properties of different formulations, excipients, and manufacturing conditions.

R series instruments allow users to make tablets with high-reproducibility and consistency and are ideal for investigating tableting problems.

The instrument records force and displacement during compression and fracture, as well as providing the ejection force profile associated with tablet ejection. Data are automatically exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis.

M series bench top tablet press for custom small-batch tablet manufacturing, with portable benchtop flexibility

The Gamlen M series tablet press can simply plug in and go, working straight out of the box. Easy to operate, the device requires no training to manufacture tablets that are quality controlled through the instrument's control of compaction force and tablet weight, all at the touch of a button.

Suitable for use in protected and controlled good manufacturing practice (GMP) environments, such as an isolator, the M series can produce 100-180 tablets per hour.

Support and training services

As experts in tableting research, Gamlen Instruments offers a range of training and support services including:

  • Tableting training - Learn with the market leading experts in tableting research. Gamlen offers a range of hands on tableting courses at either its London laboratory or at your location. Gamlen Tableting courses offer an invaluable introduction or refresher for those looking to improve or develop skills relating to tablet preformulation and formulation development.
  • Tableting research and compaction analysis - Gamlen's laboratory offers a complete compaction analysis of your formulation using either Kawakita or Hekel plots.
  • Tablet manufacturing - Gamlen Instruments offers small-scale manufacture of tablets (round tablets only) to a size of 2mm-15mm and capacity of 2mg-400mg.
  • Laboratory rental - For customers wishing to conduct R&D work, training, or small-scale tablet manufacture, Gamlen Instruments offers a modern technical service laboratory for hire.

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Tablet Manufacturability Assessment 23 January 2017 For a material to make a good tablet, it requires a number of different attributes, which often conflict with each other. This can make determining the performance of a particular powder difficult and complex.


Study Results Produced on Gamlen Tablet Press are Scalable to High-Speed Fette Production Press 05 January 2017 Two formulations that were compacted on the Gamlen Tablet Press have shown matching results with production data obtained on high-speed rotary tablet press Fette 2090

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