Gamlen Tableting

Tablet Manufacturing Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Gamlen Tableting designs pharmaceutical instruments to create high-quality tablets.

Gamlen Tableting designs pharmaceutical instruments to create high-quality tablets.

Preformulation and manufacturing of tablets

Gamlen provides a range of services for the processing of tablets, including preformulation and manufacturing.

The company combines quality by design principles and advanced benchtop compaction technology to manufacture various products.

Gamlen understands the relationship between drug properties, formulation and manufacturing processes under controlled laboratory conditions, which is necessary to produce tablets.

Tablet press for the pharmaceutical industry

Gamlen's tablet press (GTP) makes tablets on a small scale by using controlled-compaction force at low-wastage rates of less than 1%.

Compaction force determines the physical strength and dissolution behaviour of the tablet, which guarantees that the tablet delivers the drug to the patient.

The instrument monitors the force in real-time using a programmable logic controller (PLC). Punch force and position are displayed on a computer used to input compaction conditions.

Tablets with high reproducibility and consistency

GTP allows users to make tablets with high reproducibility and consistency between 1% and 2% force variation, and achieve batch yields of more than 99%.

To measure tablet breaking load, the instrument records force and displacement during compression and fracture, as well as providing the ejection force profile associated with tablet ejection.

Gamlen's tablet press can be used in the scale-up of tablet production. It determines the relationship between tablets developed at benchtop scale with a small sample and the final tablet manufactured on a rotary tablet press.

The company can scale smaller or differently shaped tablets to the final design, which is achievable by using tensile fracture stress (TFS) as the basis for comparison.

Powder compaction analyser

Gamlen offers the GTP-1 all-in-one tablet press and powder compaction analyser, which finds the differences in compressibility and lubrication properties of excipients, processes and formulations. It is ideal for teaching and research purposes.

The GTP-2 provides an economical method of manufacturing tablets on a small scale.

The GTP-2 press has a range of benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy manufacturing of small batches of tablets for clinical trial or test use
  • An operating speed of 4mm/s
  • Ideal for R&D, small scale manufacturing and testing
  • Computer control for in-depth analysis
  • Provision of precise data using small amounts of material

The powder compaction analysis system (PCA-500) speeds up formulation development and process optimisation. Users can see the effects of varying compaction configuration prior to manufacturing.

PCA-500 allows users to generate tablet tensile fracture stress, compactibility, compressibility and tabletability plots. Users can also generate Kawakita and Heckel plots with 1µm accuracy.

Tablet tensile analyser

Gamlen's tablet tensile analyser makes the evaluation of tablet samples easier using automatic measurement of key tablet critical quality attributes (CQAs). It is designed to simplify the evaluation of tablet samples made on GTP-1 and PCA-500.

The tablet tensile analyser is a modified tablet tensile tester with a four-figure analytical balance and electronic micrometer.

GTP-SafeTab protects the operator and provides early analysis and assessment of material properties and behaviour. It is designed for operator protection during the manufacture of small batches of tablets using GTP or capsules using GamPette.

It can also be used for sample preparation for analytical testing and small-scale processing such as blending, milling and compaction in an operator-protected environment.

The company offers the GamPette, which accurately dispenses repeatable powder quantities from 10mg to 10g, saving time, money and reducing waste.

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Study Results Produced on Gamlen Tablet Press are Scalable to High-Speed Fette Production Press 05 January 2017 Two formulations that were compacted on the Gamlen Tablet Press have shown matching results with production data obtained on high-speed rotary tablet press Fette 2090