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Injectables Primary Packaging and Drug Delivery Systems

Weibel CDS' drug delivery systems are easy and safe.

Weibel CDS produces innovative injection and drug delivery systems, focusing on safety and ease-of-use.

To support faster preparation and administration of injections, Weibel CDS's products contain all functions and parts needed for application in one unit. These enclosed systems help decrease risks of contamination, handling errors, and needlestick injuries.

Upgrading of vials to a syringe for injectable drug primary packaging

Weibel CDS's SuperCapSyringe® range upgrades vials into prefilled syringes for injectables. Based on a modular design, it is adaptable and available in a range of different sizes. Vials with a 13mm to 20mm collar are suitable for syringes ranging from 1ml to 10ml capacity.

SuperCapSyringe® is available with a luer lock or staked needle in lengths of 0.5in to 1.5in, with gauges from 31G to 22G. The needle is encased after injection for user safety. It is also packed in a blister and sterilised.

In addition, a SuperCapSyringe® variant for the mixing of two or more liquids in a completely closed handling offers a safe and compact solution.

Ready-to-use micro-infusion systems for injectables

Weibel CDS offers two drug delivery systems, which are ready-to-use. The pump system and automatic needle insertion increases safety and ease-of-use, while the systems' unique design no longer requires drugs to be transferred by the patient. In addition, the controller and batteries of the device can be reusable once infusion is complete, making the systems more environmentally friendly than disposable options.

Weibel CDS's first delivery system uses 3ml insulin cartridges. This portable device incorporates a pump, needle insertion system, a battery, and an electronic control unit into a space barely bigger than standard insulin cartridges. The pump powers the automated injection against break loose and gliding forces of the rubber stopper. The insertion system also includes a soft cannula, with the needle being constantly withdrawn.

The second method is the MiniBagSystem. This provides a platform for various drug delivery systems and is designed with a unique port for easy filling and discharging. This accuracy helps ensure overdosing is reduced. In addition, multilayer foils have been used as a base material, which provides the lowest gas and water vapour permeability levels.

Fully automated reconstitution of Lyophilised drugs

The Reconstyringe® range offers reconstitution of lyophilised drugs, which are then drawn into a SuperCapSyringe® for injection. The drug is contained in a vial, while solvent is in the company's MiniBagSystem. With the switch of a lever, the full reconstitution cycle automatically takes place. Similarly to the SuperCapSyringe®, all parts needed for the process are integrated into one product.

For clinical studies or small-scale production, Weibel CDS can supply a pre-filled Reconstyringe®, customised to include the quantity of solvent required for a specific reconstitution process.

Regulatory support for drug delivery systems

Weibel CDS's quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and applies the principles of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). The company provides regulatory support for customers, in particular for primary packaging and devices.

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