Filling and Packaging Machines for Syringes, Vials, Bottles and Carpules

OPTIMA Pharma consists of three top-quality brands: Inova (sterile filling), Klee (freeze dyring) and Kugler (nonsterile filling).

Thanks to years of specialising, OPTIMA Pharma offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge range of products. This includes the filling and packaging of pharmaceutical liquids and powders. Also part of its portfolio are combined production and packaging lines for medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as automation and laboratory processes.

Sterile filling

OPTIMA Pharma is a leading partner to meet the highest pharmaceutical requirements in the range of cleaning, sterilizing, filling and closing of disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles and cartridges for the processing of liquid and powdery products.

Brands and techniques from OPTIMA Pharma guarantee absolute safety and protection – for the operator as well as the product itself. Leading filling and packaging technology, perfect closing and capping sytems, as well as all machines for up and downstream processing are integrated into the flexibly designed machines and lines. Freeze drying systems including loading and unloading systems complete the product range

Nonsterile filling

Be it compact monoblock machines or complete packaging lines: The Kugler machine program includes individual solutions for cGMP-conforming production as well as a complete program for all dosage forms, including cleaning, filling and closing, up to assembly of complex packages - including turnkey solutions.

Dosage forms:

  • Cough syrup
  • Ear drops
  • Eye drops
  • Nasal spray
  • Drops
  • Orally applied drugs
  • Flea drops
  • Reagents / buffers
  • Standards / calibrators
  • Beads

Clinical diagnostics

OPTIMA Pharma, through the brands of Kugler, Inova and Klee has been supplying Diagnostic IVD manufacturers with production machinery for more than 22 years. Primarily, this partnership is in the area of Well Coating (ELISA), PoCT devices and fill / finish packaging for e.g. reagent / buffer / substrate vial filling, standard / calibrator vial filling and freeze-drying, capping, closing, printing with 100% IPC and machine associated validation documentation.


  • Pharmacologic human
  • Pharmacologic veterinary
  • Diagnostics tests human / veterinary

Freeze drying

Sterilizable freeze drying plants for the pharmaceutical industry – from high-tech pilot plants to highly efficient production plants. A seamless scaled version of the pilot plant to a full size production plant is guaranteed.

Fully automatic loading and unloading systems for vials, ampoules, syringes or bulk loading; also in connection with RABS or isolator technology.


OPTIMA Pharma's flexible pharmaceutical filling systems help ensure secure and profitable production. Whether custom or standard units, the company's systems are tailor-made to the customer's needs.

OPTIMA Pharma's extensive range of machines is complemented by innovative isolators by METALL+PLASTIC.

METALL+PLASTIC manufactures custom-designed isolators worldwide. Founded in 1957, the company has set new standards, bringing innovative solutions. It offers a variety of options for the aseptic production of pharmaceutical products, which include sterility testing isolators, decontamination locks, and glove testing systems. The company places priority on product protection and the environment. Its unique technologies and high-quality customer service help to reduce shutdown time.

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