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Romaco FrymaKoruma at Emballage 2010: Innovative Processing and Milling Technology

Thursday, October 07, 2010 by Romaco

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The Frymix II vacuum processing unit and the MZ toothed colloid mill will be on show at the forthcoming Emballage 2010 in Paris, France. Efficient processes and the highest possible quality are united in this innovative technology.

With its efficient rotor-rotor system, the new Frymix II vacuum processing unit from FrymaKoruma is specially designed for producing high-quality cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It features a conical homogeniser that is integrated in an enclosed vessel system. Owing to the elimination of all external piping, the emulsions and suspensions are now recirculated completely internally. Superior product quality and short cleaning times are the impressive outcome of Frymix II's innovative facelift.

The unit's funnel-shaped guide cone guarantees continuous heat exchange, optimal deaeration conditions and high turbulence inside the vessel. All machine drives are integrated in the vessel lid, so that there is no contact between the product flow and the sealing systems. This combination of new design and innovative process tools is perfect for processing heat and shear-sensitive products. The latest incarnation of the proven Frymix technology also succeeds in reducing the costs of ownership by around 30%.

The toothed colloid mills in the FrymaKoruma MZ series are used for wet grinding liquid to highly viscous pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and chemicals. These products are ground according to the rotor-stator principle: all ingredients are pumped through the steplessly adjustable, conical grinding gap between the rotor and the stator. The rotor revolves around the ring-shaped stator at speeds that can peak at up to 50m/s. Coarse, standard or cross-toothed grinding heads can be supplied. Emulsion droplets with a diameter of one micron can be achieved in this way. The resulting product throughput with FrymaKoruma MZ industrial mills regularly reaches an awesome 40,000l/hr.

The FrymaKoruma products will be on show at Emballage 2010 on 22-25 November in Paris, France, hall 5a, booth H028.