Containment Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Howorth's 5D High-Containment Screen


Howorth's high-containment screens (HCS) are a simple and effective way of boosting containment capabilities of any downflow booth.

With the company's new range of screens, it is now able to offer previously unattainable levels of operator protection in new or retro-fit applications.

Designed to protect the operator from dust rising into the breathing zone, the HCSs are fitted into a booth and forms a barrier between the operator and dust source. It helps keep all dust-laden air close to the exhaust grilles of the booth.

The new HCS feature 10mm toughened glass, two oval gloveparts to allow movement within ports (with sleeves and hypalon gloves), 316l St tubular support framework, and a 304 St overhead crane-type support structure to allow for smooth movement forward and backward, as well as left, right or rotational.

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