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The Costs of Over-Complexity

NSF Health Sciences, Pharma Biotech

In this whitepaper, Martin Lush discusses the issue of over-complexity in the pharmaceutical industry.

'Over the last 30 years, my colleagues and I have seen levels of complexity in the pharmaceutical industry increase dramatically. Its getting close to a crisis point. Although some complexity is triggered by events we can't influence (regulations and globalisation), most is created by choice.

I firmly believe over-complexity is a silent killer for many companies. Most people know (and complain) about it, but so little to minimise the dangers and risks. Remember, complexity increases over time to such an extent that people get used to it. Successful simplification only happens if you provide the reassurance that it will benefit those involved. Whenever we help companies following a tough inspection, we are interested in one thing: making sure they bounce back stronger by fixing the underlying cause, which is usually complexity.'

To find out more, including the eight symptoms of over-complexity and six steps to simplification, download this free whitepaper.

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