PIERRE FABRE CDMO Supercritical Fluids

A supercritical CO2 GMP Unit for Pharmaceutical Applications.

Custom Purification of Injectable Polymers via Carbon Dioxide Dissolution

PIERRE FABRE CDMO Supercritical Fluids

Pierre Fabre Médicament's Supercritical division has devised a smart, GMP-compliant and industrialised process to extract monomers from injectable polymer substances.

This innovative process fits with need of biotech / pharmaceutical companies looking for an injectable polymer with a dramatically low impurities content because of a very high dosage of polymer in formulation or an interaction with a reactive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

The process involves the dissolution of dense carbon dioxide (around 200bar) into a polymer until its saturation. Because of the swelling of polymer chain in dense CO2, the level of purification is very high leading to a complete extraction of monomers.

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