MUnit, JETPHARMA, Microchem

Micronisation of APIs, Excipients, Steroids, Cytotoxics, Cytostatics, HPAIs, and Antibiotics

Micronisation and Milling Services

MUnit, JETPHARMA, Microchem

In response to increased demand for new high profile services from the global market, JETPHARMA addressed to customers like a close partner, as if it were a spin-off of the client company.

As a result of such a strategy, the company achieved:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Continuous development in expertise, both in R&D and commercial quantities
  • Increasing micronisation yields
  • Decreasing particle sizes
  • Fast operations and quick lead times
  • Quality by design approach
  • Flexible appeal to any non-standard request
  • Worldwide presence.

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