SYSTAG, System Technik AG

Controlled Lab Reactors and Parallel Synthesis Workstations

Using FlexyPAT-HFC for Calorimetric Measurements

SYSTAG, System Technik AG

FlexyPAT is a modular process automation technology that enables automated, customer-specific lab reactor systems to be implemented cost-effectively. With FlexyPAT, you have a strong and flexible tool.

The option 'Heat-Flow-Calorimetry' converts a standard SYSTAG FlexyPAT system into a sophisticated heat-flow calorimeter within a few minutes. The design and performance of this easy-to-use calorimeter fulfills the basic requirements in a typical research and development (R&D) laboratory.

To find out more about FlexyPAT and its use as a calorimeter, download this free whitepaper.

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