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GPC / SEC Anaylsis Using OMNISEC to Identify Particular Molecules in Polysaccharides

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Polysaccharides are abundant, biological polymers composed of monosaccharides (or sugars). They have been used in applications from paper and cotton manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and gelling agents in food.

Manufacturers and researchers have to isolate and identify polysaccharides with particular molecules to make these products.

A widely used technique, GPC / SEC characterises a range of macromolecules, from bulk manufactured materials to natural polymers and proteins. The technique can be used to measure molecular weight moments, dispersity, intrinsic velocity, and hydrodynamic radius of macromolecules.

Download this free whitepaper to find out more about the use of GPC / SEC, including a brief overview of the technique mechanics, alongside application data showing the benefits of the technique in comparison to conventional methods.

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