Non-Destructive Leak Testing Equipment, Deblistering Machines and Laboratory-Scale Blister Packing Machines

Leak Detection Accuracy in Blister Packs


A new whitepaper into the integrity of pharmaceutical packaging has established that existing methods for testing the seal integrity of blister packs are not as accurate as newer, technology-based test equipment. The whitepaper was conducted by a leading packaging expert from the University of Ulster, Dr Dorian Dixon. In particular the study found that the laser-based Blisterscan, manufactured in the UK by Sepha, was capable of detecting 15% more product defects than traditional blue dye test methods used by the majority of the pharmaceutical market.

In the global pharmaceutical blister packaging market, valued at over $40bn per annum, quality control is paramount and a 15% difference in the ability to detect if a product is sealed correctly or not is significant.

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