Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Valve Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications

Flexible, Centralised, Decentralised and Local Solutions for Automation of Hygienic Processes

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

In pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, typically processing plants, the key to finding the best possible automation solution is a thorough analysis of each individual part of the plant or installation. In this way, the question of where plant intelligence should rest can be answered: i.e. does the nature of the application require centralised control interfacing to non-intelligent nodes, or does the physical size of the system mean that control has to be decentralised - using a fieldbus system and intelligent valves and actuators.

The best solution for large and complex plants is usually not a single, onedimensional automation concept covering the entire process of production. In fact, each different part and section of the process, down to machine level, has its specific requirements. Consequently, an intelligent combination of different automation concepts will provide the best results. In order to achieve this goal,
Bürkert is deploying three equally important automation approaches in parallel: centralised and decentralised automation, as well as locally installed, compact pneumatic valve block automation systems.

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