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To build its production line, Novo Nordisk started from scratch. The former production unit has been completely redesigned in order to establish a production strategy which is more easily operable, productive and modern.

For the project, the group consulted with several pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers before opting for Bürkert.

"It is the only company among the suppliers we met, to have arrived with a team of specialists for each technology sought," recalls Olivier Gilles. He adds: "They came armed with full demonstration equipment and also invited us to see their technology in use at one of their client's installations".

The result led Novo Nordisk to join forces with Bürkert to supply their ON/OFF piston valves and ELEMENT diaphragm valve range. "One of the main criteria for selection is that this type of valve has super bright LEDs to give status feedback, visible from afar, even in a very compact space," says Olivier Gilles.

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