Dosing Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Precise Hot-Filling of High-Viscosity Fluids with Endless Piston Principle


According to a survey by, lipstick is the second most popular make-up tool with 60.2% of women in German-speaking countries aged 14 and over.

Plant manufacturers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries are given shorter and shorter production and turnaround times. Particularly when filling high-viscosity pastes, production planners are reaching the limits of feasibility.

Due to the mass of lipstick, with a viscocity of more than 7.5 million mPas, masses are melted before filling, usually at 120°C.

To find out more about hot-filling of high-viscosity fluids, including information about hygienic dispensers from ViscoTec, download this free whitepaper.

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