Deals this week: Mithra, Hainan Haiyao, TherapeuticsMD

Belgium-based pharmaceutical company Mithra has signed a licensing agreement with Brazilian biopharmaceutical company Libbs to commercialise its Estelle oral contraceptive (COC) product in Brazil.

Mithra will receive an upfront payment of €20m ($23.5m), half of which will be non-refundable, while the remaining will be paid based on development and regulatory outcomes.

Both Mithra and Libbs will collaborate on the regulatory approval process of Estelle and its launch in Brazil.

Chinese pharmaceutical company Hainan Haiyao plans to raise CNY1.5bn ($227.34m) through the private placement of medium-term notes.

The funds are intended to be used to improve the company’s financial structure and flexibility, as well as reduce financing costs.

US-based healthcare company TherapeuticsMD plans for an underwritten public offering of 12.4 million shares of its common stock.

"Chinese pharmaceutical company Hainan Haiyao plans to raise CNY1.5bn ($227.34m) through the private placement of medium-term notes."

Priced at $5.65 a share, the offering will help raise $70.06m in gross.

The funds are intended to be used towards pre-commercialisation and commercialisation of the company’s TX-004HR drug candidate.

Recipharm and Roche have signed an agreement to collaborate on the production of a range of solid dose products, which will contribute €35m ($41.1m) to the former’s annual sales.

The agreement also includes the purchase of Roche’s manufacturing facility located in Leganés, Spain.

Galen US has acquired the commercial rights to antipsychotic medication ADASUVE from Alexza Pharmaceuticals.

Both companies involved in the transaction are based in the US.