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23 October 2016
Latest Companies

Howorth - Containment Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Mesa Laboratories - Wireless and Real-Time Data Loggers and Software for Pharmaceutical Process Monitoring and Validation

Pfanstiehl - High-Purity, Low-Endotoxin Carbohydrates, Parenteral Grade Excipients and Highly Potent APIs

Pharmagel Engineering S.P.A - Softgel Machinery and Technology

BLUE Software - Brand Lifecycle Management Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Press Releases

Biogen™ Log 6 Decontamination Service
Howorth Air Technology provides a fully validated bio-decontamination system, which helps reduce spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) for application in safety cabinets to hospital operating theatres.

Measure Temperature-Stablised Water with ROTRONIC’s Professional Laboratory Unit
For measuring temperature-stabilised water in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries, ROTRONIC's AwTherm has a wide control range.

The CULTEX® Process Plate for Functional Processing of Falcon® and Transwell® Inserts
Processing plates can be used to facilitate the histopathological processing of cultivated or exposed cells on Falcon® and Transwell®.

Air Canada Cargo to Attend TIACA Air Cargo Forum, Paris
Air Canada Cargo has announced it will be attending the Air Cargo Forum in Paris.

Alconox to Attend Pharma Expo Processing and Packaging Conference Tradeshow in Chicago
Alconox has announced it will be present at the Pharma Expo Processing and Packaging Conference Tradeshow in Chicago, Illinois.

White Papers

Howorth's 5D High-Containment Screen
Howorth's high-containment screens (HCS) are a simple and effective way of boosting containment capabilities of any downflow...

Achieve Efficient Product Development through Optimising Resources
Development departments suffer from a shortage of resources and are often overburdened with administration...

High-Voltage Leak Detection for Pharmaceutical Vials, Syringes, and Liquid-Filled Parenteral Products
The E-Scan 655 is utilises a new class of high-voltage leak detection (HVLD) technology to inspect vials, syringes, and other liquid-filled parenteral products for container closure...

Unscrambler X Process Pulse II
In 2004, the FDA issued the process analytical technology (PAT) framework guidance in order to support innovation and efficiency in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and quality...

Automation of Process Control within the Pharmaceutical Industry
While most pharmaceutical businesses have adopted process automation in one format or another, the technology has evolved considerably over the past few years, leading to improvements in...


Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 52
In this issue: A report calls for Oxford and Cambridge to work together in the biopharma sector, IBM’s new lab-on-a-chip technology, whether harnessing telomerase could trick the ageing process, how BERG is using AI to develop drugs, and more.

Could activating telomerase trick the ageing process?
The enzyme telomerase, which reverses chromosome deterioration in cells, is strongly implicated in the ageing process. But could stimulating its production prevent ageing, or might the risks outweigh the benefits? Abi Millar finds out.

Bringing together Oxford and Cambridge’s biopharma clusters
Taken together, Oxford and Cambridge play host to two of the world’s top universities, five world-renowned research institutes, the UK’s two largest pharma firms and over 600 biotech and medical technology companies. Given their shared opportunities and challenges, a new report commissioned by Bidwells has called for greater collaboration between them. Will Heigham, partner at Bidwells, explains more.

Back to biology: how BERG is using artificial intelligence to tackle cancer
Pharmaceutical start-up BERG is using artificial intelligence to drive its back-to-biology approach to fighting cancer. Co-founder, president and CEO Niven R. Narain talks about the start-up.

September's top stories: US researchers developed Epilepsy drugs, GE's €150 million biopharmaceutical campus investment
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Centre (CUMC) identified how anti-epileptic drug Perampanel blocks AMPA receptors in the brain, and GE planned to invest €150 million in a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing campus at Ireland. Pharmaceutical-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from September.


WuXi Biologics’ Perfusion Biologics Manufacturing Facility, Wuxi City
On 22 September, WuXi Biologics completed the first phase of development for a new perfusion biologics production plant in Wuxi City in China.

Cipla Biosimilars Manufacturing Facility, Durban
India-based pharmaceutical company Cipla has announced its plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

Datwyler’s Elastomer Components Manufacturing Facility, Middletown, Delaware
Switzerland-based industrial supplier Datwyler has announced a CHF100m ($102m) investment in a new elastomer component manufacturing plant in Delaware, US.

CPI’s National Biologics Manufacturing Centre, Darlington
Construction of the National Biologics Manufacturing Centre (NBMC) at Central Park in Darlington, UK, began in April 2014.

Cambrex Corporation API Facility Expansion, Charles City, Iowa
US-based innovative life sciences company Cambrex Corporation completed a major expansion of its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) facility in Charles City, Iowa, US, on 12 July 2016.

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