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23 March 2017
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PRI Bio - Effluent and Carcass Sterilization and Disposal System

Bel-Ray - Greases and Lubricants for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Linkam Scientific Instruments - Heating and Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Drug Development and Manufacturing

Meritech - Automated Handwash Systems for Cleanroom Hygiene

Priorclave - Autoclaves and Sterilisation Equipment

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Press Releases

Aptar Pharma Congers Site Expansion Inaugurated March 20th
Aptar Pharma Congers' state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was inaugurated March 20th by AptarGroup's president and chief executive officer (CEO) Stephan Tanda, president of Aptar Pharma Salim Haffar, and president of Aptar Pharma North America Alex Theodorakis. Several Aptar Pharma customers in North America were also invited.

First-Class Courses at LTE Training Centre for Autoclaves and Endoscope Storage Cabinet Operators
Provider of sterilisation and endoscope storage solutions, LTE Scientific is also committed to providing a wide range of first class training courses.

Pharmatest Booth and Scientific Presentations at AACR, Washington
Pharmatest Services has announced it will attend the annual meeting of American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Washington, US.

Apparel Services Network Reveals Rental Product Catalogue, News, and Clean Green Initiative Updates on its Website
Image apparel national account service programs provider Apparel Services Network (ASN) has announced it has updated its website.

Adhering to Israel Regulatory Approval Process for Clinical Trials
Israel's skilled workforce, adherence to good clinical practice (GCP), and strong patient enrolment and retention rates make this a country-of-interest for clinical research.

White Papers

Take the Challenge: Replace Disposables with Reusable Healthcare Textiles
Make a contribution to healthcare cost control by investing in reusable gowns, scrubs, uniforms, linen, drapes, curtains, and other reusable textiles. This reduces waste and...

Origin Hybrid Pharmaceutical Packaging (HP3) Brochure
Origin Pharma Packaging's expert design team can assist you to solve your primary packaging problem. From evaporation to child-resistance, the company will create a design, drive your brand,...

Comparator Local Sourcing for Clinical Trials
Demands for reference drugs, or comparator drugs, are rising as the volume size and complexity of clinical trials reaches record...

GPC / SEC Anaylsis Using OMNISEC to Identify Particular Molecules in Polysaccharides
Polysaccharides are abundant, biological polymers composed of monosaccharides (or sugars). They have been used in applications from paper and cotton manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and...

Control of Humidity at Europe’s First -80°C Cold Store
Munters provides Odense University with Europe's first -80°C cold store for blood and tissue samples. By installing Munters ML1100 desiccant dehumidifier, the university hospital achieved...


Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 57
In this issue: Japan’s pharma industry looks abroad, Trump’s plans for US drug manufacturing, unlocking regenerative medicine, the medical benefits of turmeric, the dangers posed by first-in-human drug trials, and more.

Turning to turmeric: exciting drug candidate or another dead end?
Turmeric has long been used as a natural remedy, and many studies seem to back that up. However, a recent review has suggested that many of the apparent benefits are bad science. So what does that mean for turmeric research, and particularly for the teams looking to turn the spice into a drug?

BlueRock Therapeutics: Ontario’s home-grown stem cell contender
New Toronto-based regenerative medicine biotech BlueRock Therapeutics was launched in December with a massive $225m series A financing from Bayer and Versant Ventures. What stem cell-based therapies is the company working on to justify this investor confidence, and what are the benefits of operating in the life sciences hub of one of the world’s most diverse cities?

Takeda turns its focus overseas
Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda has bought Ariad Pharmaceuticals for around $5.2bn. Deals of this kind are becoming increasingly prevalent, as the Japanese pharma industry sets its sights beyond the traditional domestic market. Abi Millar reports.

Learning from tragedy: safety and dosing in first-in-human trials
The Rennes clinical trial disaster in January last year highlights the dangers posed by first-in-human trials of high-risk drug candidates, with dosing strategies coming under the spotlight. What makes early-stage trials go wrong, and how can dosing protocols be improved to minimise health risks to trial participants?


Knight Cancer Institute Research Building, Oregon
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)'s Knight Cancer Institute commenced construction of a new research building at South Waterfront district in south-west Portland, Oregon.

Rosalind Franklin University’s Innovation and Research Park, Chicago
Rosalind Franklin University (RFU) has announced plans for the construction of a new innovation and research park at 3333 Green Bay road in the university's North Chicago campus.

Fresenius Kabi's Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Expansion, Melrose Park, Illinois
German pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi announced a proposal to expand its pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities at Melrose Park village site in Illinois, US.

Sanofi and Lonza Biologics Production Facility, Visp
Leading Switzerland-based biopharmaceuticals supplier Lonza and French life sciences firm Sanofi have announced a joint venture (JV) to set up a large-scale biologics production facility in Visp, Switzerland.

Building Cure, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Seattle
Seattle Children's Research Institute (SCRI) is constructing a new paediatric research building named Building Cure at Stewart Street, Seattle, US.

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