Many pharmaceutical drugs, medicines and speciality treatments are temperature-sensitive and require swift supply chains. Cold chain storage and distribution provides a reliable mechanism to maintain the integrity of the drug substances and products.

Leading cold chain storage and distribution suppliers

Pharmaceutical Technology has listed some of the leading cold chain medication storage and distribution solutions providers with extensive knowledge and decades-long experience in the sector.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for pharmaceutical executives, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and engineers, as well as warehouse, logistics and distribution managers and any other individual involved in warehouse control operations, cold chain storage, and distribution services.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

The list comprises a range of service providers, including:

  • International pharmaceutical distributors
  • Temperature-controlled shipping and freight services
  • Biobanking services
  • Passive thermal protection services
  • Pharma supply chain companies
  • Pharmaceutical freezers
  • Insulated packaging concepts

The list also includes providers of temperature-safe protective packaging for pharmaceuticals and samples such as thermocovers, industrial freezers and refrigerators, climate-controlled shipping containers, insulated shipping boxes, and medicine storage boxes.

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The role of cold chain storage in pharma

Cold chain pharmaceutical products, including modern biologic therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies and vaccines, cellular and gene therapies, certain types of insulin, and some cancer treatments, require a reliable infrastructure for maintaining a precise temperature range when transporting from the manufacturer to the patient.

Cold chain services include temperature-controlled storage, packaging and distribution facilities at ambient, refrigerated, frozen, ultra-frozen, vapour-phase liquid nitrogen and liquid-phase liquid nitrogen conditions.

Pharmaceutical distribution warehouses

Pharmaceutical distribution warehouses play a major role in ensuring the safe storage and release of critical medical materials and supplies.

Warehouses can be temperature-controlled and climate-controlled spaces with state-of-the-art control and monitoring equipment to provide specific environmental conditions for effective cold chain storage.

Warehouses need to be GMP-compliant to protect against any kind of damage, contamination, mix-ups and degradation of the products.