The pharmaceutical drug delivery market and systems enable the targeted delivery or controlled release of a pharmaceutical drug into the body. Recent advancements in drug administration techniques have made therapeutic delivery safer and more efficient.

Growth of the biopharmaceutical industry has led to the introduction of new classes of therapeutics for oncology, diabetes and other diseases, creating the potential to develop improved drug delivery systems. The growing geriatric population has also fuelled self-administration and at-home healthcare, triggering the need for application-specific products with nasal, transdermal and topical administration.

Types of drug delivery systems

Drug delivery systems are categorised by the route of administration such as oral, injectable, ocular, pulmonary, topical, implantable, nasal or transmucosal drug delivery. The oral route has so far been the most convenient and common mode of drug delivery as it is cost-effective, uses an easier dosage form for large-scale manufacturing and allows advancements such as extended release and smaller tablet sizes for easy swallowing.

The nasal and pulmonary routes have also gained importance over the years as alternatives to the parenteral route, especially for peptide and protein therapeutics.

Discover the top companies within the pharmaceutical drug delivery market

Using its experience in the sector, Pharmaceutical Technology has listed companies providing products and services related to drug delivery, including:

  • Oral drug delivery technologies
  • Transdermal drug delivery systems
  • Self-injection devices
  • Automated test solutions for pharmaceutical drug delivery systems
  • Next-generation drug-in-adhesive platforms for transdermal patches

The information provided in the download document is drafted for pharmaceutical executives, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, technicians, research and product development scientists, and other individuals involved in pharmaceutical drug delivery industry operations.

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, as well as contact details to aid purchasing decisions.

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Drug delivery technologies

Increased awareness of novel pharmaceutical drug delivery technologies, favourable government initiatives, and increasing investment in the research and development of innovative products and drug delivery platforms have created lucrative opportunities for the pharmaceutical drug delivery market and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

In clinical trials, knowledge of drug delivery systems and technologies will help to lower the risks of unwanted side effects or late stage failures. Increased understanding of pharmacokinetics, drug distribution and other associated markers will also allow suitable design implementation and clinical trial drug delivery with reduced unwanted exposure to other organs.

Several drug delivery technologies such as prodrug, polymeric drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, and implants and intrauterine devices, are continuously evolving to meet the demand for advanced drug delivery systems.