SHL Group and QuiO to Pioneer Digital Technologies for Connected Therapeutics

SHL Group and fast-rising healthcare startup QuiO are pleased to announce a strategic partnership on digital technologies that will take the drug delivery industry into connected therapeutics.

SHL is a pioneer in advanced drug delivery systems based on human-centered design and functionality. It has a diverse portfolio of connected products and concepts that meet different patient and customer requirements.

New York-based startup QuiO won the 2017 Accenture Global HealthTech Innovation Challenge, and is at a vanguard of digital technologies that allows injectable therapies to reach their full potential. QuiO technologies include the ConnectedRxTM, a cloud-based solution for patient support.

SHL and QuiO believe that connectivity is the key to taking user experience to the next level. The idea of the device as not only a drug carrier but as a data collector opens up unique opportunities to support patient adherence and monitor treatment outcomes.

The strategic partnership is a valuable match that will add to SHL’s wide range of products and providing a sophisticated software platform. QuiO’s fully integrated solution combines novel device concepts, software, and services, and is expected to take patient care to the next level.

SHL Group founder and CEO Roger Samuelsson said: “SHL has pushed to stay at the leading edge of advanced drug delivery for more than 20 years. As the healthcare industry embraces digital and people increasingly take their treatment into their own hands, our natural next step is connectivity that seamlessly captures high-quality data to form a detailed picture of the patient to improve clinical decision-making”.

QuiO CEO Alexander Dahmani said: “QuiO is excited to contribute hardware technology and provide the full software-stack for SHL’s connected devices. Our ConnectedRxTM solution captures data directly from medical devices, structures and stores it in a secure cloud environment, and serves it to a suite of powerful applications that enable patients, clinicians, and customers to benefit from the data.”

For SHL, partnering with QuiO is an important milestone that will provide entrepreneurial spirit and excellent capabilities to support its ambitions to lead the digital healthcare industry.

About QuiO
QuiO is a connected therapeutics company that provides software and services enabled by smart medication devices. The company’s solution helps chronic disease patients succeed on long-term therapies, and helps stakeholders track the real-world performance of these therapies.

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