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CleanZone Flexi

CleanZone-Flexi is a one to six month replacement system with a proven 99.9% contamination control efficiency. Designed to give you added flexibility with your flooring choices, CleanZone-Flexi provides an ideal solution for short-term contracts or temporary referb areas.

Environmental impact

  • Does not impact on your daily waste volumes
  • Can be disposed of normally in regular waste
  • Can be readily recycled into less critical applications

Flexible cleaning

  • Easily adapted into your regular SOPs
  • Simply clean once per shift for maximum efficiency

Flexible cycle

  • Easily adapted into any short-term solution
  • Available in a range of flexible contract lengths to suit individual needs
  • Ideal introduction to DycemCleanZone
  • Audit friendly system

Flexible self-installation:

  • Easy to self-install, saving time and eliminating additional fitting costs
  • Ideal for smooth floors (i.e. vinyl and epoxy)
  • Perfectly suited to pedestrian traffic areas and light wheeled carts

Flexible payment:

  • Flexible contracts allowing a variety of solutions
  • Easily adapted into budgetary constraints with no capital investment
  • Price point matches your usual spend if you’re using peel-off mats

Flexible options:

  • Use for trial purposes to limit purchase risk until you’re satisfied
  • Easy to amend contract for change of size
  • Easy upgrade to our installed CleanZone after a period of time

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