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New Contamination Control Flooring System Reduces Environmental Impact

Contamination control specialist Dycem Ltd has recently released CleanZone-Flexi, a flexible new flooring solutionoffering end-users a high performance alternative to peel-off mats, without impacting on daily waste volumes.

CleanZone Flexi is a one to six month replacement system, proven to prevent up to 99.9% of foot, wheel and airborne contaminants. The high surface energy of the polymeric flooring attracts, collects and retains dirt, dust and bacteria between cleaning, preventing particulate from entering critical environments.

According to a scientific study by Gerry Prout, managing director at Kennet Bioservices Ltd, the use of polymeric flooring can save approximately 18t of raw material over a period of two years, when compared with the disposal of peel-off mats.

At the end of its lifecycle, the CleanZone-Flexi system can either be disposed of normally or readily recycled into less critical applications. Peel-off mats however, which are heavily laden with hazardous contaminants after use, present a far more costly disposal procedure.

Available in a range of contract lengths, the flooring solution presents an ideal solution for short-term projects, and can be easily integrated into individual SOPs.

Dycem considers the environment at each stage of its operations, which is recognised by its ISO:14001 certification.

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