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Dycem’s CleanZone and WorkZone

Dycem has a sustainable, effective and scientifically proven solution, recommended by most auditing bodies to control contamination and cross-contamination.

Dycem’s CleanZone and WorkZone come in a fully customisable size, meaning critical access points can be protected. The company recommend an area that allows at least six footfalls or three wheels rotations for up to 99.9% decontamination.

This length is unavoidable by personnel, meaning a significant reduction in risk for the facility, production and brand.

The alternative, peel off mats, are not cost-effective and pose a risk through the removal and waste management of the mats. Each time an employee or contractor enters the controlled area and peels a mat, they are dispersing contaminated waste and particulates through the facility.

There is also the labour cost of actually peeling a mat each time. Peel offs are also easy to avoid, which means the mat is never stepped on prior to a critical or controlled zone.

Size is crucial to control contamination and cross-contamination, whether the problem is bacterial growth, dirt or dust.

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