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Dycem Releases Loose-laid Contamination Control System for Added Flexibility

Installed onto a 1.2mm thick isolator membrane, Dycem’s floating floor system gives end-users the flexibility of having Dycem self-installed or laid loose, creating fewer disruptions to the day to day running of your facility.

The floating floor system is ideal for applications and locations where long-term adhesion to the subfloor isn’t possible, and is suitable for use on a range of smooth and rough surfaces.

What you need to know

The underside of the floating floor system is an impervious, non-absorbent, moisture-resistant vinyl layer, containing multiple peduncles in order to minimise subfloor show-through, maintain rigidity of the Dycem product and ensure firm grip to the subfloor when in use.

It’s extremely important to regularly clean both the surface of the Dycem floating system, and the underneath. This will ensure that no microbial growth occurs underneath the system whilst in use.

Modular benefits

The system is also available as a two-tone solution, utilising Dycem’s range of colours to create a visual barrier between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ areas to prevent cross-contamination. The loose-laid two-tone system has proved popular in short-term locations, such as modular cleanrooms

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