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NHS Hospital Witnesses Dramatic Reduction in Particle Counts with Polymeric Flooring

NHS Velindre Hospital in Cardiff has witnessed a dramatic reduction in microbial counts, after re-evaluating their contamination control flooring solution.

The facility had been using peel-off mats to help limit the spread of contamination within their aseptic unit, but as microbial counts continued to exceed maximum limits, a decision was made to replace the disposable mats with a more effective and sustainable solution.

The hospital has since been using Dycem contamination control flooring for the past thirteen years. However, the flooring has recently been replaced to incorporate a more effective inlaid finish. The entire area of the unit was re-laid with a new vinyl edging around the Dycem flooring, to create a seamless, watertight solution.

The impervious seal created by the wall to wall coving has ensured that collected contamination stays on the surface of the flooring until cleaned, eliminating any gaps where microbial contamination had previously been able to accumulate.

Principle pharmacist at Velindre hospital, Martin Rees-Milton said: ‘The finish with the Dycem inlaid into the vinyl is excellent;’ adding that, ‘with large amounts of traffic within the aseptic unit, the flooring system ensures a consistent Grade C/D environment.’

Dycem flooring systems are manufactured with Biomaster (a silver antimicrobial) as an integral ingredient, which has been proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and many others by up to 99.9%.

With the spread of HCAIs, and the threat of antimicrobial resistance making infections increasingly difficult to treat, infection control measures have taken top priority within the healthcare industry.

One element of the solution, implemented by the NHS on a national scale, is a colour-coded system for cleaning equipment, designed to improve internal hygiene control and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Dycem has developed its range of contamination control products to incorporate a range of colours, allowing healthcare facilities to adopt a similar system at floor level. Different shades of Dycem can be bespoke installed to highlight separate zones, in conjunction with cleaning tools of the same colour, to act as a visual barrier between independent critical areas and helping to prevent the spread of cross-contamination.

A Vikan Hygiene Systems spokesperson said: "Dividing the premises into visually separated zones based on activity, and assigning each zone its own colour, [can help to eliminate] the fundamental cause of cross contamination,’ adding that, as a result, employees are ‘encouraged to pay greater attention to hygiene [controls]’.

Dycem continues to build firm relationships within the healthcare industry, whilst protecting and reducing particle counts in operating theatres, isolation wards, intensive care units, aseptic units, post-recovery areas and other critical areas and controlled environments.

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