Static grounding control for hazardous areas by Newson Gale.
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Newson Gale

Hazardous Area Static Grounding Control for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Newson Gale is a leader in static grounding control for hazardous areas in pharmaceutical environments, where procedures creating static electricity can ignite combustible or flammable atmospheres.

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Newson Gale is a leader in static grounding control for hazardous areas in pharmaceutical environments, where procedures creating static electricity can ignite combustible or flammable atmospheres.

The company continuously develops solutions to meet client demands, striving to provide total solutions packages from initial communication to delivery, as well as after-sales technical support.

Eliminating static risks in the pharmaceutical industry

To help minimise static risks within the pharmaceutical industry, Newson Gale provides a vast array of static bonding and grounding equipment to offer optimal protection in explosive and other hazardous environments.

The company’s portfolio inhibits static charge build-up through innovative and practical design to ensure effective static control.

Interlock systems and static grounding solutions

Newson Gale’s Earth-Rite static ground monitoring and interlock systems range offers additional working safety for handling and processing operations in critical hazardous spaces.

Such areas include railcar and tank truck carrying flammables, and monitoring fixed vessels and tanks in distribution and storage facilities.

Self-testing static grounding visual indication clamps

The Bond-Rite range is the optimum solution for exploiting the safety of procedures causing static in hazardous locations. It is ideal for applications where programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or control switches are not obtainable for output contacts.

The range encourages users to ground equipment before the procedure begins, as a bright green light-emitting diode (LED) flashes upon detection of a weak resistance connection to devices.

The Bond-Rite collection is modified for procedures that need short-term grounding to those where clients prefer round-the-clock indication.

All systems permit hazardous area users to determine best practice compliance with NFPA 77 and IEC 60079-32.

Static ground cables, clamps, testing devices and reels

The Cen-Stat cable, clamp and reel range includes single circuit applications relying on high-strength mechanical circuits to dispel static electricity from charge equipment. They are designed to meet rigorous factory mutual (FM) and atmosphere explosive (ATEX) testing standards.

In some cases, hazardous area users rely on welding clamps and small clips to ground equipment, with no certainty if they are piercing hardened product deposits, paint or rust as intended.

To reduce risk, Cen-Stat clamps are equipped with a pair of tungsten carbide tips to grind through connection inhibitors, as well as achieve direct electrical communication to charged equipment. Their stainless-steel structure offers corrosion-resistant benefits to withstand adverse environments.

International standards and codes of practice

International codes of practice such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 77 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60079-32-1 provide guidelines for control of static electricity, involving grounding and bonding conductive and static dissipative plant and equipment in explosive atmospheres.

Newson Gale’s policy is to guarantee all products and services comply with client regulatory and contractual requirements, as well as meet client expectations, satisfying the demands of the company-approved clauses by the British Standards Institute (BS-EN-ISO) 9001: 2015 and, where applicable, EN / IEC 80079-34.

About Newson Gale

Founded by Ernest Kochmann in 1988, Newson Gale was acquired as a static control business of Cenelectrex, which was first established in 1982.

The business soon transferred to a larger site in Colwick, Nottingham, from its original position in West Bridgford, Nottingham, in 1998.

Road Tanker Static Earthing Protection

Earth-Rite® RTR™ provides precision and reliability to QHSE specialists and engineers tasked with shielding personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity.

Externally Powered Earthing Clamp

The precision and reliability of the Bond-Rite® REMOTE EP offers advanced safety and security by frequently testing the connection of the clamp to the container or other conductive items of plant in a whole loop made through the designated earthing point.

Type C FIBC Bag Static Earthing

Earth-Rite® FIBC system validates and monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags guaranteeing the static dissipative elements of the bag are capable of conducting electrostatic charges through the FIBC in compliance with IEC 61340-4-4 “Standard test methods for specific applications – Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)” and NFPA 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”.

Multi-Channel Static Earthing System

The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is an innovative multi-channel static earthing system that can monitor the simultaneous earthing of up to eight unique pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks.

Mobile Static Earthing System

The Earth-Rite® Mobile Ground Verification system (MGV) is an innovative, patented technology intended to offer automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic earth connection for trucks gathering and transporting flammable or combustible products.

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