New Massflow FRS Technology

New massflow FRS technology

2nd December 2003 – FlexLink is proud to launch the very latest in FIFO reservoir systems (FRS) development from our Secondary Technology Unit. The new FlexLink FRS technology is designed to maximize process and operator efficiency. HMI software constantly monitors production volume, improving product traceability and providing statistics during changeovers.

The system has been tried and proven with unprecedented results. It is fully adjustable to accommodate varying product sizes. The storage capacity is limited only by the number of levels required. The FlexLink FRS unit can be up to 10 m long, giving a potential storage capacity of 50–60 000 rods per level.

In a multiple level FlexLink FRS unit, cells can be ordered either vertically or horizontally. The flexibility of the system allows for easy operator access throughout production as it can be mounted over existing machinery.

With an international support network and more than 20 years experience in all aspects of secondary product handling applications, FlexLink are able to provide global experience and expertise in project management, installation, commissioning, personnel training as well as local service support.

FlexLink is a leading global supplier of innovative automation solutions to assembly and manufacturing industries. FlexLink, based in Göteborg, Sweden employs 550 people in 25 companies and is represented in 50 countries. In 2002, group turnover was MSEK 1,152.

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