Mini Tablet Formulation with STYL'One NANO - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Mini Tablet Formulation with STYL’One NANO

Mini-tablets, smaller than 3 mm in diameter, an innovative trend in solid dosage form design, and easy to swallow.

The minute tablets are patient-friendly and suitable for pediatric and geriatric usage. Let our Science Lab guide you through your mini-tablet formulation with STYL’One Nano and its specialised multi-tip tooling.

About Medelpharm

Medelpharm is an international enterprise, located in Lyon, making available to every formulator and development scientist the most powerful, still easy-to-use R&D tabletting presses: the STYL’One Family.

Are you looking for assistance in API and excipient characterization, solid dosage formulation or production troubleshooting? Please come and visit our powder characterisation laboratory in Lyon, or fill out the enquiry form on this page for more information.

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