Porton Bioharma - Developing and Manufacturing Life-Saving Biopharmaceutical Products
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Porton Biopharma

Developing and Manufacturing Life-Saving Biopharmaceutical Products

Porton Biopharma (PBL) is a UK-based company experienced in developing, manufacturing and bringing life-saving biopharmaceutical therapeutics and vaccines to market.

Manor Farm Road,
Porton Down,
SP4 0JG Wiltshire,
United Kingdom

PBL is an experienced developer and manufacturer of life-saving therapeutics.

Porton Biopharma (PBL) is a UK-based company experienced in developing, manufacturing, and bringing life-saving biopharmaceutical therapeutics and vaccines to market.

The company is an expert at taking concepts from the research laboratory to production, progressing through various stages of scale-up and process development. The result is clinical-grade material, which is suitable for clinical trial. This includes both native and recombinant therapeutic proteins.

Manufacturing and product development

Porton Biopharma’s development group offers a range of product-focused services, including development and scale-up, product characterisation, analytical development and qualification, and process troubleshooting, as well as pre and good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing capacity.

Its state-of-the-art current good manufacturing process (cGMP) manufacturing facilities are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA).

The facilities are used for its biopharmaceutical products, which include the UK’s licensed anthrax vaccine, and therapeutic enzyme Erwinase®, which is used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and is licensed in 20 territories worldwide.

Specialist expertise focused on delivery

By building on the knowledge and experience gained from successfully manufacturing its own products, the company is able to offer access to its facilities and expertise to clients for the production of a wide range of clinical materials.

These including unique containment level 3 capabilities geared to the bespoke manufacture of low-volume, high potency and toxicity bacterial products.

PBL also offers access to its specialist laboratories and bespoke services for translational development to help new biopharmaceutical products progress from gene to GMP.

Capabilities range from <1l bench-top fermenters to the recently completed fermentation suite, which features four 15l vessels and a 50l vessel to enable parallel development and scale-up experiments with cell harvesting by batch or continuous centrifugation, or tangential flow filtration.

Product purification expertise includes in-house capabilities in preparative chromatography, protein crystallisation and tangenital flow filtration (TFF) from laboratory-scale to 1,000l.

Process redevelopment and qualification

Experience gained from the continuous improvement of its processes enables PBL to offer a complete range of services, including complete process redesign, introduction of disposable technology, process modification and improved analytical methods. These activities are underpinned by the expert knowledge of its regulatory and validation teams.

Analytical development and qualification

The company’s development group designs and adapts a wide range of analytical techniques to demonstrate process reproducibility and product quality. Method qualification ensures that such techniques are fit for their intended purpose.

Process troubleshooting

PBL works with both start-up biotech and large pharmaceutical organisations on a worldwide basis. It has active collaborations with academic departments engaged in bioprocessing developments.

Even long-established manufacturing processes may suffer from unexpected problems. PBL’s staff are adept at determining the root cause of process failures outside of the manufacturing environment. This vigilance reduces costs and manufacturing down-time, and also allows them to provide advice on appropriate remedial action.

About Porton Biopharma

Porton Biopharma’s strategy as a new company with a distinguished heritage is to grow its existing business and product pipeline, whilst also building relationships across the industry.

It was commercialised out of Public Health England on 1 April 2015, which enabled it to be better placed to grow the business of developing and manufacturing life-saving products. The company is built upon decades of biopharmaceutical experience, including the successful licensure of many therapies that save thousands of lives every year and generate revenues from world-wide sales.

PBL offers expertise in developmental production of biologicals, including product characterisation, process and analytical validation, and scalability for market. Allied with its experience of regulatory compliance gained from the licensure of its own products, this puts it in an ideal position to offer expertise and enable others to successfully bring their products to market.

In order to find out how Porton Biopharma can help you move your research from the bench to the clinic, please contact them via the enquiry box.

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Process scale-up capabilities.

Porton Biopharma (PBL) Brochure

Porton Biopharma (PBL) manufactures the UK's licensed anthrax vaccine for and on behalf of the UK Government.

Porton Biopharma Limited Licenses Erwinase to Clinigen

Porton Biopharma Limited (“PBL”), the UK biopharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing company, announces that it has signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Clinigen Group plc (“Clinigen”) for the distribution of Erwinase®/ Erwinaze® (“Erwinase”), the Company’s life-saving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a cancer of the blood predominantly affecting children.

PBL to Advance Anthrax Vaccine Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Porton Biopharma Ltd (PBL) has announced that it has signed a modification to its contract (HHSN272201600045C) with the US National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to advance a next-generation intra-nasal anthrax vaccine into the clinical-trial phase.

Porton Biopharma Appoints New Apprentice

In advance of the National Apprenticeship Week, Porton Biopharma (PBL) is excited to announce that it has hired its first apprentice, Will Tucker. 

Porton Biopharma’s Upcoming Events

Porton Biopharma has announced that it will be attending and presenting at a number of international conferences in September, October and November. 

Porton Biopharma Opens New Fermentation Facility

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony, John Glen MP for Salisbury and South Wiltshire has officially opened Porton Biopharma’s (PBL) new fermentation facility, which will be used to manufacture the company’s leukaemia drug Erwinase®.

PBL Gains Approval to Advance Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine

Porton Biopharma Ltd (PBL) has announced that it has signed a modification to its contract with the US National Institute of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to advance a next generation intra-nasal anthrax vaccine. The contract modification is worth US$5.6 million.

PBL Opens New Office Suite

In a ribbon cutting ceremony Dr Peter Hughes, Director of Quality at Porton Biopharma (PBL) has opened a brand new suite of office accommodation to bring together members of quality assurance (QA) and other departments into one integrated set of buildings.

New Conductivity Sensor with Certified Hygiene

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2-Wire pH and Conductivity Measurement

Endress+Hauser's new loop-powered Liquiline M for pH or conductivity measurement is so easy to use! It features a large plain text display showing the measured value in figures 28mm high for easy reading and with step by step menu-driven operation, user error is virtually eliminated.

Qualification (DQ IQ OQ PQ) for Profibus Installations

For a long time, Endress+Hauser has been the worldwide leader for delivering digital Profibus process measuring instruments. This was an absolute must to get the knowledge and ability to provide not only the instruments but also the relevant documentation, according to the GxP’s guid

Team of GxP Trainers at E+H Worldwide!

The first basic GxP principle says: “the partners of the GxP manufacturers have also to be compliant". This is the reason why Endress+Hauser implements compliant activities in different facilities (Product Centers and Sales Centers). A corporate Validation Master Plan wi

Conductivity measurement in the CIP system

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Porton Biopharma

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