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Modular Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Production Facilities

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Pharmadule offers the fastest and most profitable way to implement a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical production facility. With close to 20 years’ experience and about 60 successful project implementations around the world, our knowledge of the industry is unmatched.

Among our customers are many of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies. Our staff are dedicated professionals with direct experience of the pharmaceutical industry. Between them, they have over 650 years’ experience in design, operations, development, project management, maintenance and validation.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Chemical API
  • Fill and finish with aseptic processing
  • Oral solid dosage

Our additional value services include:

  • Process design and engineering
  • Facility design and engineering
  • Project management
  • Commissioning and qualification (IQ and OQ)
  • Centralised documentation (from initial design to handover for the complete scope)

Pharmadule is committed to giving your business a competitive edge. Our extensive skills and experience ensure the project is a smooth, precision operation that delivers top-quality results – on time and to budget. We are with you from the start of your project until your facility is up and running.


Pharmadule focuses on the critical elements of a pharmaceutical plant. We coordinate all activities and take full responsibility the whole project, guaranteeing that your plant begins production on schedule. Process engineering, architectural design, civil construction, and commissioning and qualification are all developed and fully integrated in parallel with ground preparation and construction.

We understand that time-to-market is crucial to the success of a drug, and our whole process is geared to getting your plant into production faster. Speed gives important financial benefits: Pharmadule’s solutions enable you to generate income much earlier and move into new markets more quickly, saving 6-12 months on most projects.

Pharmadule’s fast project implementation also allows you to defer your decision until you’re truly ready. Your will still be able to get to market on time.


Pharmadule’s delivery and start-up times are the fastest in the industry. Schedules are compressed by running activities in parallel. Site preparations take place while the facility is being fabricated in Sweden. Part of the qualification procedure is performed in Sweden prior to delivery, which leads to shorter on-site validation and involves fewer people.


Pharmadule’s predictable methods enable us to guarantee the price and the date when your facility will be delivered. We work to a fixed price with a defined cash flow and schedule, assuring that your business requirements will be met.


Working with Pharmadule means you deal with one partner, avoiding the hassle of coordinating numerous subcontractors, consultants and construction companies. This makes the whole project easier, more effective and more economical. Cost overruns, time delays and technical difficulties typically associated with traditional construction are minimised.


A Pharmadule facility can easily be expanded so you can keep the initial investment to a minimum and then grow with the demand. In the event of changing market or business conditions, the Pharmadule facility can also be relocated. Standardisation ensures that expansion or relocation proceeds quickly and effectively.

Modular fabrication minimises risks as the facilities are fabricated in a controlled workshop environment. Fabrication is standardised and rationalised in an assembly line manner. Pre-qualification testing and customer inspection of the facilities are completed before shipment to assure compliance to the agreed specifications. Final commissioning and qualification (IQ and OQ) are carried out after reassembly at the client’s site.

Our facilities comply with cGMP requirements and can be designed to meet Biological Safety Levels (BSL) and High Potency Containment (HPC) as required.

Working with Pharmadule means you deal with one partner. This makes the whole project easier, more effective and more economical.

Baxter BioPharma Solutions Parenteral

Baxter BioPharma Solutions is a contract manufacturer of pre-filled syringes, vials and cartridges for the packaging of vaccines and drugs to treat chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

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