Pharmaceutical and Biotech Expert ZETA Expands With a New Subsidiary in Switzerland - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Expert ZETA Expands With a New Subsidiary in Switzerland

ZETA, the engineering specialist for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, manages 12 subsidiaries in seven countries worldwide. The latest subsidiary has recently been opened in Visp, a centre of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of working even more closely with the global players and medium-sized companies in the pharmaceutical industry in western Switzerland

Switzerland may only account for one-tenth of a percent of the world’s population, but the Alpine republic is nonetheless home to the headquarters of two of the six largest global pharmaceutical groups. Switzerland is the mecca of the pharmaceutical industry and is regarded as the driver of innovation for the international market. This is precisely why engineering specialist ZETA cooperates closely with Swiss pharmaceutical companies. As Andreas Marchler, Managing Director of ZETA, says: “We at ZETA drive innovation; this is why our cooperation with Swiss customers is so flourishing.”

Following up on customer requests – quickly and with great expertise

In order to take this successful cooperation to the next level, ZETA has now established a new subsidiary in Visp. “We are an expert point of contact on-site and are able to fulfil the requests of our Swiss customers within the shortest possible time”, Hans Ulrich Gehrig, General Manager of ZETA Switzerland, explains. From project management and planning to engineering, digitisation, automation and maintenance of pharmaceutical and bio-engineering process plants and the related HVAC and cleanroom planning – ZETA is well-established as a one-stop-shop on the international scene. Its services are appreciated not only by the big players in the industry but also by start-up companies and mid-sized pharmaceutical enterprises.

While major contracts are processed at the ZETA headquarters in Lieboch/Graz (AT) and the ZETA sites in Vienna (AT), Freising/Munich (DE) and Brno (CZ), the subsidiary in Visp will mainly profit from the close vicinity to its customers and focus on personal support, Hans Ulrich Gehrig says. “ZETA is a reliable partner for its customers throughout the entire life cycle of a process plant; our services do not end with the acceptance procedure. This is why it is so important to us to be on-site and offer our consulting services to customers here.”

ZETA and Lonza – a shared success story

With the new subsidiary, ZETA can now provide even more targeted support to its customer of many years, Lonza, at the world’s largest production site in Visp in the Swiss canton of Vallais. “Lonza has been relying on the expertise of ZETA process engineers for over 15 years now. With the site in Visp, we are now operating in closer proximity to Lonza and our other customers in Switzerland and intend to cooperate even in the early stages of planning projects. In this way we aim to drive innovations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries together with our customers”, Manfred Seifert, Head of Sales for Switzerland, explains.

The cooperation between ZETA and Lonza has been characterised by particularly innovative projects. One example is an ultra-fast-track project that ZETA implemented within the framework of Lonza’s lighthouse project IBEX Solutions. The Austrian engineering experts were in charge of detail engineering, design and assembly of a single-use USP and DSP for a mammalian-cell line with more than 29 utility stations and supply lines with a total length of more than 6.2km in this project. PRESS RELEASE ZETA SUBSIDIARY IN SWITZERLAND Lieboch (AT), 19.01.2021 “The rapid implementation was only possible thanks to the long-standing partnership and the high technical expertise of the entire project team”, Andreas Marchler says. “With the new site in Visp, we have now prepared the ground and will be able to write the next chapters in the success story of our two companies.”

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