ZETA and SIEMENS Partner for Engineering, Implementation and Digitisation of Pharmaceutical Process Plant - Pharmaceutical Technology
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ZETA and SIEMENS Partner for Engineering, Implementation and Digitisation of Pharmaceutical Process Plant

ZETA’s many years of experience in the management of major projects in the biopharmaceutical industry coupled with the sophisticated software solutions from SIEMENS recently inspired the two companies to enter into a strategic partnership to drive the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical sector.

ZETA embraces the digital change that is also finding its way into the pharmaceutical world with sophisticated new digitisation strategies. The development of process engineering procedures for the production of active agents is highly complex. The digital process data generated in this course need to be organised and managed in a logical and targeted manner for plant operators to be able to use them effectively

The development of pharmaceutical products involves numerous planning steps – from development in the laboratory to industrial-scale production. In compliance with exacting international validation standards, these steps must be transparent and ensure seamless traceability. Gigantic data volumes are generated to this end. From the sum total of this mass of data the digital image of the plant and the process is created: the digital twin. The digital twin is able to bring transparency to the complexity of the production process.

ZETA assumes the role of system integrator, and SIEMENS acts as the global system partner providing the necessary software platforms

The prerequisite for the digital engineering process is a stringent software landscape where all processes from process design, mechanical implementation, to automation, qualification and procurement are mapped. Based on the SIEMENS COMOS software, ZETA offers new Smart Engineering Services (SES) that make it possible for the various partners in a project to work in an integrated software environment. All data can be retrieved, used or developed in this shared software environment at any time. The customer is an integral part of the planning process, and communication between the companies involved is more efficient, faster and smooth.

Martin Mayer, digitisation expert at ZETA, on the practical benefits of end-to-end digitisation within a software system landscape: “The customer profits from the use of qualification data for electronic validation, from the automatic update of spare parts lists and article numbers, and the fact that he will be notified of replacement and inspection dates for components and wear parts – all of this updated daily on the basis of the digital twin of the plant.”

Together with SIEMENS, ZETA is paving the way towards digital transformation, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide profit from the resulting services that are geared to manage the entire life cycle of a production plant on the basis of digital information.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Zeta. It opens up new opportunities to drive forward the digital transformation of pharmaceutical processes worldwide. With our seamless solution for integrated engineering and operation, users in the pharmaceutical industry benefit from faster process development and product maturity,” states Bart Moors, CEO Comos Industry Solutions, Siemens AG

In addition to the integration of existing platform features, ZETA and SIEMENS also develop new modules to continuously improve the seamless continuity of the value chain

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