MAGHREB PHARMA Expo Pharmaceutical Technology Exhibition in Africa

MAGHREB PHARMA Expo is an annual pharmaceutical technology exhibition in Africa.

The show features a conference and tradeshow and takes place in Algiers, Algeria.

Taking place from 17 to 19 September 2018, the event provides networking opportunities for pharmaceutical suppliers in Africa and the Middle East that supply products such as machinery, pharma ingredients, packaging, cleanroom products, engineering services, and air or water treatment systems.

It is also open to consultancy and regulatory service providers in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) regions.

The pharmaceutical exhibition features representatives from a wide range of markets in Africa and the Middle East such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia as well as international companies.

Pharmaceutical Technology Exhibition in Africa with tradeshow and conference

Now on its 7th edition, MAGHRED PHARMA Expo is one of the largest business-to-business (B2B) tradeshows in Africa catering to pharmaceutical manufacturers in MENA regions such as Africa and the Middle East.

Since its launch, the event has helped Algeria develop into a regional hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa and noted an annual growth of between 7% and 10%.

The 2017 edition of the conference and tradeshow had 2,114 unique visitors from Algeria and 134 international visitors from countries such as Tunisia, Morocco and the Ivory Coast. A wide array of pharmaceutical companies from the Middle East and Africa held stands at the tradeshow, as well as a total of 206 companies representing 28 countries, including the US, India, China, the UAE, Australia, the UK and France.

B2B exhibition for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in MENA

The MAGHREB PHARMA Expo 2017 edition attracted a wide range of professionals from the global pharmaceutical industry. Around 83% of visitors were either decision-makers or influencers in their companies, and provided direct networking opportunities.

In addition, around 25% of visitors were CEOs, vice-presidents, managing directors or owners; 37% were senior managers; 11% were non-supervising middle managers; and 24% were other staff such as pharmacists, laboratory staff and technicians.

Marketing and investment opportunities in North Africa

The MAGHREB PHARMA Expo offers an array of activities aimed to encourage the development of marketing and communication strategies, as well as investment opportunities in the MENA region.

The 7th edition of the show allows exhibiting pharmaceutical suppliers from the Middle East and Algeria to showcase products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), lab materials and cleanrooms, as well as packaging services.

Visitors can also discover the dynamic MENA pharmaceutical market, maximise their company’s exposure to regional audiences, and meet suppliers and manufacturers in Algeria interested in investing in pharmaceutical projects.


The MAGHREB PHARMA Expo event allows visitors to discover APIs, packaging machines and laboratory equipment available in the MENA market, including Africa and the Middle East, helping save time and reducing costs.

Visitors can also talk directly to company directors and CEOs for efficient networking, encouraging the growth of the Algerian pharmaceutical market.

The event hosts a range of conferences that discuss the latest pharmaceutical trends and changing regulatory requirements, which focus on the North African market.

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International Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical Industry in North Africa

Organised with the support of the National Union of Algerian Pharmaceutical Operators, MAGHREB PHARMA Expo took place for its sixth consecutive edition. 


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