Comprehensive Solutions for Genome Analysis and Synthetic Biology Projects

Eurofins Genomics has announced a co-operation agreement with Igenbio to serve a worldwide market, by combining their expertise in sequencing and analysis services for microbial, fungal and algal organism.

Customers will benefit from ‘one-stop-shopping’ for complete genomics projects that deliver analysis results from the raw extracted DNA.

Eurofins Genomics senior vice-president Bruno Poddevin said: "We take specific care to build up a technical and operational pipeline which is suitable to meet our quality standards and the high service level we want to provide to our customers."

Igenbio Inc CEO Vinayak Kapatral said: "As global leader in next generation sequencing technologies, Eurofins has long been our preferred sequencing partner.

"With the increased integration, we are now able to provide complete genome analysis, transcriptomics data integration along with gene manipulation tool set and for synthetic biology platform for our customers."

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