Eurofins Genomics Is First Genomics Service Provider in Germany to Achieve GLP Certification

Eurofins Genomics is the first genomics service provider in Germany to achieve good laboratory practice (GLP) certification for DNA sequencing services.

GLP is a required standard for laboratories conducting non-clinical safety studies including toxicology and pharmacology studies in animals.

The certification is also required for non-clinical safety studies for the development of drugs, small molecules, vaccines and gene therapeutics.

GLP standards are critical for developing diagnostic kits and device validation (FDA and patent submissions), analysing production strains and GMO plants such as genetic stability testing.

Eurofins Genomics is certified specifically for DNA sequencing for genotyping and safety testing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) microorganisms, viruses, cell banks and cell lines.

The company offers Sanger sequencing services under GLP, and next generation sequencing (NGS) applications.

Eurofins Genomics Europe general manager Peter Persigehl said: "This GLP certification is one of the highest QM/QA certifications that can be achieved for non-clinical analyses."

"The GLP accreditation is a great success. It is the result of the efforts over the past years to continuously improve the Eurofins Genomics quality standards."

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