Enversed Studios Installs VR Holodeck for Sioux - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Enversed Studios Installs VR Holodeck for Sioux

Sioux supports high-tech customers in developing and building smart modules and software with impact.

As a supportive unit to their sales and marketing team, Sioux has asked Enversed Studios to design their very own VR Holodeck: a visual and intuitive way to showcase their high-tech solutions.

Our challenge

The Sioux VR Holodeck needs to be more than just a visualization tool. Instead, it needs to serve as a model driven integrated solution. It should support virtual simulations while being able to communicate with other systems and platforms.

Our solution

Enversed Studios created a VR Holodeck application that integrates perfectly into Sioux’s current and future workflow. Our Virtual Reality app allows for 3D model imports, multiplayer collaboration and dynamic simulations.
The VR Holodeck is designed to simulate machines in real-time. It’s an essential feature during the design process.

A natural way of prototyping

The VR Holodeck presents an innovative way to showcase products that have yet to exist. Users can import a 3D model of a virtual machine and interact with it in a natural way. It works remarkably during the design process too. Contrary to physical prototypes, digital machines are easier to adjust and improve.

Virtual Meeting

The Sioux Virtual Reality Holodeck allows for collaboration in one virtual workspace. Multiple VR users are able to interact with a virtual machine simultaneously. Non-VR operators can assist thanks to real-time spectator modes.
Intuitive toolkit

VR users have a complete toolkit at their disposal. You can add comments, draw notes or take screenshots for example. You can also use an element inspector. This tool is perfect to highlight and scan individual 3D components.

Live data stream

The Sioux VR Holodeck is designed to simulate machines in real-time. It also supports high level controls, meaning that it’s able to connect to other systems and platforms to send external commands directly to the virtual machine.

The VR Holodeck presents a brand new way to showcase products that don’t even exist yet.

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