Pharmatest Credits Bruker for SkyScan 1276 in vivo micro-CT

After nine months’ experience, Pharmatest has given high credit to the performance of Bruker’s SkyScan 1276 High-Resolution and Fast In Vivo Desktop Micro-Computed Tomography (micro-CT), which was installed at its premises in February.

Bone biology expert Pharmatest Services has offered preclinical efficacy services in skeletal diseases since 1999. The firm has also been a pioneer in offering bone metastasis models since 2005.

The equipment has been very useful in Pharmatest in both skeletal disease and bone metastasis studies.

CEO of Pharmatest Jussi Halleen says: “We are very impressed about the excellent performance of the SkyScan 1276 in vivo micro-CT equipment, and the excellent training provided by Bruker for using the equipment. I would say that SkyScan 1276 is especially useful for bone specialists.”

Research director at Pharmatest Jukka Morko comments: “SkyScan 1276 gives the user many possibilities to modify and optimise scanning, reconstruction, and analysis settings for different kind of studies. This allows obtaining highest quality results, which is very important for Pharmatest in everything that we do.”

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