Twin and Single-Screw Extruders

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Dr COLLIN offers a comprehensive range of medical twin and single-screw extruders for the development of pharmaceuticals, pill forming, production of drug-loaded polymers, and extrusion of subcutaneous implants.

COLLIN® has a well-trained team to give full support to fulfil all FDA requirements during design, production and installation, qualification and validation, as well as the documentation of the equipment. The team follows the Validation Master Plan, which is tailored individually to the current project, strictly.

Pill forming / calender machines

The type PK 100 and PK 200 pill forming and calender machines are based on COLLIN measuring roll mills, which have been well-established in the R&D departments of polymer material producers around the world for more than 30 years. Rigid machine construction and true-running rolls provide the basis for maximum machine accuracy. The calenders are designed for nip forces up to 10t. Automatic nip width adjustment and nip width control ensure precisely formed pills.

Nip forces and torques are measured and reported for quality assurance. When combined with a compounder from the MZK series, melt pump, flat film die and cooling belt, a complete pill production line can be established. A touch-screen system controls the process and gives a wide range of parameters for filing, evaluation and reporting.

Pelletizing lines for drug-loaded polymers

Pelletizing lines are for the production of pellets of drug-loaded polymers for further extrusion and injection moulding. The MZK 16, MZK 25 and MZK 35 compounders can be converted into production pelletizing lines when combined with a melt pump, strand die, cooling belt and pelletizer. Mono-, dual- and triple-strand dies are available.

High-precision gravimetric dosing stations ensure a dosing accuracy of ±1%. The throughput range is from 0.15kg/hr to 70kg/hr. Different types of cooling belts provide the best cooling capacity for each throughput and strand type.

Available belt cooling versions:

  • Natural convection and roll systems for compact extension of the cooling length
  • Additional air cooling directly on the strand combined with re-cooling of the belt by cold water

Extruders for subcutaneous implants

High-precision strands are for the production of drug-loaded strands of subcutaneous implants. The extruders are equipped with melt pumps and pressure / speed control for accurate throughput of the line. Through use of a multi-layer die, the strand is extruded directly into a water bath vertically. This process eliminates any influence of a calibration system and gravity guarantees the high precision in diameter and a perfectly round shape.

Controlled water flow ensures an absolutely calm water surface at product entry into the cooling vessel. The diameter range is between 1mm to 10mm at a maximum line speed of 25m/min. The touch-screen control system is ergonomically designed and files all process and quality parameters.

Small compounders

Mini-Compounder ZK 12 and ZK 16 are the ultimate small compounders. With a throughput down to 50g/hr they are the perfect units for basic development in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Field of applications:

  • Incorporation of active ingredients into carrier materials such as waxes, cellulose, starches, etc.
  • Outgassing of volatile components
  • Pelletizing of tablet formulations (in combination with the mini calender)

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