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Since 1978 Esco has emerged as a leader in the development of controlled environment, laboratory and cleanroom containment and clean-air equipment. Our products are sold in more than 100 countries, where they provide containment and clean-air solutions for operators and / or product protection for a large array of hazardous and non-hazardous contaminants.

Our portfolio of products includes the world’s most certified biological safety cabinets, low-flow high-containment fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, laminar flow clean benches, animal containment workstations, cytotoxic cabinets, powder-weighing cabinets, downflow booths, hospital pharmacy isolators, PCR cabinets, cleanroom construction components, thermal cyclers and laboratory instrumentation.

Powder containment equipment

Esco provides containment solutions for powder handling spanning from research and design, quality control and quality assurance laboratories to pre-manufacturing and manufacturing stages.

Esco’s Powdermax powder-weighing balance enclosure utilises reverse laminar flow to provide superior operator protection as tested with our surrogate powder test using naproxen sodium. Esco’s reverse laminar flow cabinet is tested to provide six-decimal-point accurate powder weighing with performance enhanced through the use of a weighing block.

Esco’s Cytoculture cytotoxic cabinet is a variant of a Class 2 biological safety cabinet providing product, operator and environmental protection for safe handling of antineoplastic and cytotoxic powders. Esco’s cytotoxic cabinets are certified to the EN12469 standard.

Pharmacon downflow booths

Esco’s Pharmacon downflow booths are extremely versatile; they can be integrated with the pre-manufacturing and manufacturing stages of pharmaceuticals. Esco’s downflow booths are independently validated to provide operator exposure levels (OELs) of less than the industrial standard of 50µg/m³-100µg/m³ over an 8hr time-weighted average (TWA).

Esco’s containment engineering guidelines provide a ready reference in determining the necessary engineering additions for safe handling of powders. Lower OELs can be achieved with the use of custom workstations and high containment screens. Our global offices are able to provide quick on-site consultation, warehousing of spare parts and technical service.

Chemical containment – ductless fumehood cabinets and low-flow high-containment ducted fumehoods

Esco provides energy saving high-performance, low-flow ducted fumehoods compliant to ASHRAE 110 and EN14175 with precisely tuned aerodynamics, outstanding user safety, total systems and design flexibility, aesthetics and ergonomics.

Esco provides ductless fumehood cabinets; our online Filtracheck service allows customers to easily determine if their intended chemicals are able to be adsorbed by carbon filters, simplifying any required consultation.

Biological containment equipment – biological safety cabinets

Esco manufactures the world’s most certified biological safety cabinets, with our Labculture Class 2 biological safety cabinet certified to international standards of NSF/ANSI 49, US; EN 12469, Europe; JIS K3800, Japan; and SFDA YY-0569, China.

Our biological safety cabinet range spans from type B2 biological safety cabinets for handling chemical and biological hazards, lead-shielded biological safety cabinets for safe handling of radioisotopes and Class 3 cabinets featuring ergonomic glove ports with transfer chambers. Esco’s Infinity range with dual redundant blower system provides the highest class of operator safety, maintaining an air barrier between the work zone and the operator in the event of main blower failure.

Esco’s biological safety cabinets are fitted with temperature and voltage compensated Accuflow systems, ensuring that a stable voltage is provided to the blower independent of building voltage fluctuations. Inflow and downflow velocities are therefore finely balanced for superior operator and product protection.

Esco’s biological safety cabinets are coated with Isocide anti-microbial coating; this results in 99.9% of bacteria on all powder coated surfaces to perish within 24hr.

Particulate containment equipment

Esco provides laminar flow cabinets for product protection integrated with airflow alarms cautioning operators in the event that sterility of the work area is breached. Esco also manufactures cleanroom construction components and modular cleanrooms, which can be integrated with our laboratory equipment as a complete solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Cleanroom air showers provide self-contained air chambers installed at the entrance to cleanrooms to minimise the amount of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom.

Laminar flow cabinets and soft-wall cleanrooms

Esco Enterprise™ laminar flow cabinets are specifically designed for larger-scale process protection in industrial applications typically requiring multiple units connected in an assembly line configuration.

Soft Capsule® soft-wall cleanrooms are modular cleanrooms providing process-specific particulate-free mini environments for product protection.

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