Wireless Temperature Monitoring

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Controlant specialises in wireless temperature monitoring and offers a turnkey service for the whole supply chain of pharmaceuticals. From research and manufacturing to transportation, storage and sale; monitoring and quality control is made easy with the wireless online solution developed by Controlant.

We focus on creating solutions that fit the industry´s demands for regulatory compliance in an automatic, efficient and user-friendly way through a web-based interface. Users have real-time access to data, are able to browse through sensors and shipments, view data associated to them and set warnings to individual sensors. Users can view data on charts, on lists and generate reports in the interface. Reports can be made automatic and warnings can be received via text message and email if something is outside of the specified range.

The web interface is hosted on a server which is accessible by users via internet connection when and wherever. Personal username and password are used to restrict access to authorised persons only and access can be given to relevant users within or outside the company.

Controlant is a service provider for the pharmaceutical sector and has an important role in monitoring defined storage conditions for pharmaceuticals, locally and during transportation. This means that there are some functions that are cGxP critical for Controlant’s customers. Controlant is responsible for being compliant with the relevant regulations and will support its customers to achieve regulation compliance for their temperature monitoring system. Through computer system validation, the Controlant wireless temperature monitoring system is GMP, GDP and GLP compliant. Based on a single infrastructure, the Controlant solution can meet temperature monitoring requirements throughout the entire supply chain.

Centralised and flexible temperature monitoring solutions

The infrastructure designed by Controlant offers companies with one local or multiple distributed operating sites, to gather valuable information into a single database and web interface system – in an easy and flexible manner.

The database and web interface system offers customers and users of the Controlant infrastructure an easy and effective tool, through which they can view, analyse and work with data. The data can be accessed online wherever and whenever, through the web interface.

Quality, supply chain and logistic managers can view data to estimate environmental variables of interest and set multiple warning levels to individual measurements. Warnings are shown in the interface, but can also be received via email and text message.

Temperature and humidity monitoring services for the pharmaceutical industry

Our service range includes:

  • Complete cold chain solution for temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Stationary monitoring at fixed locations
  • Monitoring of production units
  • Warehouse mapping and monitoring
  • Monitoring of fridges and freezers
  • Real-time access to data
  • Warnings via text message and email
  • Automatic reports (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • 24/7 monitoring and support desk
  • Calibration service

Advantages and benefits of a centralised wireless network

The Controlant centralised wireless network offers an easy and cost-effective way to monitor assets and environments. With no special software required, information can be accessed online from all around the world.

Other benefits include:

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Built-in incident report
  • Easily programmable high and low limits
  • Alerts sent via text message and/or email when the temperature exceeds set limits
  • Simple monitoring of complex supply chains and multiple locations
  • Data storage on a secure, centralised database
  • Access to information online in real time from any computer or smartphone

Controlant’s vision

"To be the preferred partner in quality control solutions for asset tracking and the monitoring of perishable goods."

We believe that success comes from employing highly skilled and talented people. This is mixed with a light and friendly atmosphere, while we also maintain high professional standards – bringing each individual, and the company, forward.

We’re driven by innovation and by listening to our customers we constantly strive to push boundaries in our R&D. We want our solution to make our customers´ work easier, giving them an overview of the conditions in their supply chain with minimised manual work.