DHL Supply Chain Supply Chain Logistics, Warehousing and Transport for the Healthcare Industry

DHL Supply Chain has been at the forefront of innovative supply chain solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industry for over 25 years. Our broad range of services includes specialist warehousing, packaging services, managed transport, home delivery services, product launch support and clinical trials.

These services are provided within state-of-the-art, MHRA-accredited facilities, including temperature-controlled and high-security environments and are run by experts in the healthcare field.

Our customers are among the leading companies in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology products
  • Vaccines
  • Generic medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Animal health products
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical devices, including implants, consumables, capital equipment and service parts
  • Diagnostics and imaging

Flexible and secure warehousing

Product storage and fulfillment decisions in the life sciences and healthcare industry are driven by security and flexibility.

DHL can offer shared-user and dedicated warehousing – designed to meet specific customer requirements and industry regulations.

DHL capabilities include:

  • Certified high-security storage
  • Clean room facilities
  • Samples and literature fulfillment
  • Multi-temperature warehousing
  • Warehouse management system integration
  • Packaging services
  • Order-to-cash

Managed transport and distribution

DHL provides transparency, consistency of performance and operational efficiencies leading to improved customer service. Our offering ranges from local to global services and across all modes of transport. We have deep carrier sourcing expertise used to secure and manage the best possible combination of service providers, or we can manage your network of carriers. We ensure product integrity is always maintained and your shipment arrives at the lowest landed cost.

Continuous tracking is key to product security. Our combination of a leading-edge transport management system configured to your requirements, strong operating procedures and seasoned personnel can transform your transportation network into a competitive advantage.

When you work with DHL you can focus your resources on the research and development efforts that drive your business.

Pharmaceutical packaging services

Whether you’re shipping to a pharmacy, a hospital, a patient’s home or a veterinary clinic, DHL can help assemble and package your deliveries so they’re right for each customer.

We offer post-manufacturing kitting, clinical trials support and samples/literature fulfillment. We can even help you design a samples kit that delivers all the components in a single, low-cost package.

We can reformat deliveries to retailer-specific guidelines, include promotional displays and stocks, and provide you with the flexibility to satisfy your customers and boost sales.

All assembly and packaging is completed in segregated, secure areas adjacent to the product storage areas. This eliminates product movement for packaging, which increases security whilst decreasing cost.

Clinical trial logistics

We offer a global network of purpose-built specialized clinical trials cells, providing highly controlled and monitored environments for clinical trials logistics. Participating doctors count on pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the information and supplies they need to adequately assess the benefits and risks to patients during this critical phase.

DHL’s clinical trials services encompass the key stages of the supply chain, releasing the sponsor’s clinical teams to their core functions (such as patient recruitment, regulatory approval and manufacturing). We manage clinical trials through dedicated study managers and bespoke clinical trials information systems.

We understand these aren’t just any shipments. We ship everything by named patient and will only release the supplies to qualified individuals. It’s all about integrity and accuracy.

DHL’s clinical trials facilities are built within pharma-grade GMP-compliant specialist facilities to meet the specific logistics requirements of clinical trial supplies with enhanced control to ensure quality is maintained at every stage.

Clinical trials services include:

  • Set-up, project and materials management
  • Transport and chain of custody planning
  • Label design and regulatory input
  • Comparator sourcing
  • Secondary packaging and QP release
  • Global storage, distribution and controlled environmental monitoring (2°C-8°C, 15°C-25°C, frozen)
  • Order processing, IVRS interaction
  • Import / export documentation
  • Returns collection, reconciliation and destruction

Home healthcare delivery

DHL Supply Chain provides a home healthcare distribution service which can include patient contact, product kitting, disposal of sharps, and management of equipment.

We can offer services to meet the differing needs of terminal care, long-term care, recovery care and episode care. This includes distribution of consumables, pharmaceuticals and equipment. We operate a specialist delivery fleet totaling around 100 vehicles distributing direct to patients at home across the UK.

Quality and compliance

DHL recognizes that quality assurance underpins all operations in this sector and our sites operate within the parameters of current regulations:

  • Good distribution practice (GDP); for example, WHO and EU GDP 94/C 63/03
  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP); for example, ICH Q7, ICH Q10, EU GMP
  • Good clinical practice (GCP); for example, ICH E6 and EU GMP annex 13
  • Good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP) guidelines covering IT system and building validation
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) code such as 21 CFR Part 11 (for electronic signatures and records), 21 CFR 820 (quality system regulation), 21 CFR 211 (GMP for finished pharmaceuticals) and 21 CFR 600 (biological products)
  • Regional internal audit process as part of GDP/GMP compliance and to ensure approach to 6C’s
  • EFQM self-assessment process is a component of our healthcare quality strategy

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