FedEx Express Logistics and Temperature-Sensitive Solutions for Pharmaceutical Shipments

FedEx has been serving the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the UK for more than 30 years, and is significantly active in designing specific, innovative and flexible solutions for its customers across both sectors.

Packaging solutions and 24-hour monitoring of pharmaceutical shipments

To meet the needs of pharmaceutical professionals, FedEx has developed a variety of new and innovative technologies and temperature-sensitive solutions, as well as holding a strong portfolio of capabilities to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s evolving and expanding needs.

By offering enhanced visibility and insight into supply chains, the pharmaceutical industry can gain near real-time information on its shipment’s environmental conditions as it travels including: its location, temperature and whether or not it has been opened or exposed to light, aspects which FedEx notes are critical in this sector.

FedEx Express offers specialised services to healthcare and pharmaceutical customers including:

  • Packaging solutions and end-to-end temperature-controlled ground and air transport
  • Special handling services for individual customer requirements
  • A high-degree of visibility with 24-hour monitoring through the FedEx Priority Alert service
  • A dedicated support team that works hand-in-hand with healthcare customers
  • The addition of 777F aircraft to the fleet, offering later pick-up times for customers in key markets, along with enhanced temperature control features in flight.

Environmental sensors and wireless communication solutions for temperature-sensitive products

In the 21st century, healthcare logistics is as much about mastering the use of information and data analytics as it is about physical control. By equipping customers with these powerful tools to get information about the location and environmental condition of their shipment, they can identify weak spots and challenges, as well as respond to situations with speed.

The combination of environmental sensors, wireless communication and management software are the basis of a powerful new central nervous system for pharmaceutical logistics globally. FedEx is keen to provide a quality service to meet these ever-changing needs.

FedEx has two critical solutions in place, SenseAware and Priority Alert, which companies use in order to enhance visibility for products of this nature.

These go alongside a range of additional cold chain services, such as cold chain boxes, temperature-controlled airfreight containers, thermal blankets and other packaging solutions to help maintain the required temperature, and protect healthcare and pharmaceutical products during the entire transportation process.

Real-time tracking of healthcare shipment’s environmental conditions

SenseAware is a breakthrough innovation and the first product that was designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, where the demand is most critical. Whether you’re shipping biological manufacturing items, pharmaceuticals or clinical trial materials requiring cool or cold chain shipping, SenseAware puts you in control of the supply chain by providing increased visibility.

SenseAware provides healthcare professionals with the ability to check the environmental and location status of a shipment, monitoring temperature, barometric pressure and humidity of the package.

A multi-sensor device, integrated with a web-based application, allows customers to stay connected to their critical shipments.

The service provides enhanced visibility and insight into supply chains, offering near real-time information on the shipment’s environmental conditions as it travels including its location, temperature and whether or not it has been opened or exposed to light, aspects which FedEx notes can be critical in this sector.

SenseAware is a great example of how innovative technology is advancing and improving healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics.

Shipment status tracking and operational recovery procedures

FedEx Priority Alert goes hand-in-hand with SenseAware and provides an extra layer of visibility and security, by combining around-the-clock support with enhanced shipment status tracking and operational recovery procedures.

Designed primarily for the unique needs of the healthcare industry, FedEx Priority Alert and FedEx Priority Alert Plus both offer specialised shipping services for critical shipments.

The service includes: dry ice replenishment, gel pack conditioning and access to cold storage to help keep potentially life-saving shipments safe within the correct temperature range, protecting the integrity of the contents from start to finish.

Personalised 24-hour support from a team of dedicated global service specialists, proactive monitoring and notification of the status of a shipment, as well as operation recovery procedures and intervention procedures are also available.

Cold shipping and packaging solutions for healthcare products

An innovative cold shipping packaging option that can be used in conjunction with SenseAware and FedEx Priority Alert, which brings significant benefits to the healthcare industry.

Easy-to-use, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the patented lightweight packaging system maintains a constant 2°C -8°C environment for up to 96 hours.

Simply press the activator button inside the box and a cooling engine begins the process of continuously evaporating small quantities of water at low- pressure and adjusting to varying ambient temperatures. This is a reliable, cost-effective way to transport temperature-sensitive shipments to and from customers around the globe.

End-to-end temperature excursion protection for medical freight

The FedEx thermal blanket solution is designed to maintain a temperature range of 15°C-25°C for large freight (four pallet minimum) from pickup to delivery.

This end-to-end, cost-effective service combines four separate elements. The reusable thermal blankets provide insulation protection against direct sunlight, rain and humidity, with transport provided through a temperature-controlled aircraft using priority boarding.

Shipments can be picked up and delivered in FedEx temperature-controlled vehicles (an optional service), while round-the-clock support is offered in the form of proactive monitoring and coordination, as well as clearance and customised recovery procedures, including expediting.

Protecting frozen shipment integrity with liquid nitrogen dry vapour technology

The FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution is an end-to-end global solution using liquid nitrogen dry vapour technology, which maintains a temperature of -150°C for up to ten days.

Unlike dry ice, which is classified as hazardous, this easy-to-use technology eliminates the shipping and handling challenges associated with a dangerous goods classification.

It offers end-to-end shipment monitoring and visibility for superior integrity and security for high-value, temperature-sensitive clinical samples, medicines and biomaterials.

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