Klinge Corp Showcases -65˚C Freezer Container at the Cold Chain Global Forum - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Klinge Corp Showcases -65˚C Freezer Container at the Cold Chain Global Forum

Klinge Corporation has announced it exhibited at the Cold Chain Global, a key event in the pharmaceutical supply chain industry.

Nearly 850 industry leaders came together from 25 September to 29 September in Chicago to learn about regulatory changes, see the newest innovations, network, and hear from experts in the cold chain field.

Some of the forefront topics that were discussed include supply chain blind

spots, the next generation of cold chain management, the future of clinical trials and vaccines, and optimising temperature controlled supply chain.

Klinge Corporation displayed its -65˚C freezer container Model NMF-371. This freezer unit is available with an integral generator set for independent operation.

Unlike other freezer designs, the NMF-371 Deep Freezer Container prevents defrost heat from entering the cargo area. More standard designs allow defrost heat to enter the container thereby heating up the cargo and at the same time reducing defrost efficiency. Klinge Corp’s unique design avoids these issues.

The NMF-371 is also equipped with a hot-gas defrosting system, which is fast and efficient, even at ultra-low temperature ranges.

Company president Allan Klinge noted: “A Dual Redundant -65˚C Freezer Container is also available with an optional integral generator set. This dual freezer, Model NMF-372, is designed especially for mounting in customer built-in rooms or on standard insulated containers.

“We also offer Global System for Mobile Communications which transmits location, temperatures (up to 3), unit external power on/off, and alarm/off. Customers are able to monitor this information on a private website.”

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