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Lufthansa Cargo

Temperature-Sensitive Cargo Shipments

Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world's leading cargo carriers. In the 2011 business year, the airline transported around 1.9 million tonnes of cargo. Pharma tonnage accounted for three freighters worth of this every day.

Frankfurt Flughafen, Tor 21,
Geb 322, Raum 5.131,
60546 Frankfurt am Main,

Frankfurt Flughafen, Tor 21,
Geb 322, Raum 5.131,
60546 Frankfurt am Main,

Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world’s leading cargo carriers. In the 2011 business year, the airline transported around 1.9 million tonnes of cargo. Pharma tonnage accounted for three freighters-worth every day. In 2000, Lufthansa Cargo launched Cool/td, a special product for temperature-sensitive shipments. The cargo carrier serves more than 300 destinations in some 100 countries with its own fleet of freighters, the belly capacities of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, and an extensive road feeder service network. This means we can get your sensitive shipment to most destinations.

Our highly skilled staff, global accessibility, customised development of processes and excellent infrastructure allows us to offer a successful and exclusive solution for temperature-sensitive cargo – something we have been doing for twelve years. We train our employees worldwide in handling temperature-sensitive cargo to ensure we have skilled staff in place to assist our team of 60 ‘cool experts’ all around the world. Our Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center in Frankfurt caters for four different temperature ranges and is ideally located with direct access to the apron. Meanwhile, the Cool Center used by Lufthansa Cargo in Hyderabad ensures we maintain close contact with the core market of India.

Temperature-sensitive cargo shipping

Along with eleven other Lufthansa Cargo products, Cool/td provides reliable airport-to-airport shipping for the bioscience and health industries, keeping cargo within specified temperature ranges to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive substances. To support active temperature control, we have developed reliable technologies and containers together with our supplier DoKaSch.

The Unicooler:

  • Heats and cools the cargo compartment by using dry ice (concealed in a separate dry ice bunker) with permanent air circulation as well as electrical heating technology with large rechargeable accumulators
  • -20°C/+30°C (-4°F/+86°F)

The Opticooler:

  • Inner temperatures are regulated using compressors for cooling and electrical power for heating (no dry ice required)
  • +2°C/+30°C (+35.6°F/+86°F)

We also offer a wide range of Envirotainer cool containers for most destinations within our network.

Benefits of Lufthansa Cargo’s temperature-controlled shipment services

  • Minimal tarmac exposure times and storage in protected, temperature-controlled surroundings
  • Shipments travel in temperature-controlled cargo compartments wherever possible, depending on the aircraft type
  • Special containers with active temperature control (Cool/td-Active)
  • Uninterrupted recording of temperature data for Opticooler and Unicooler
  • Documentation of the transportation chain

Several service packages are available: Cool/td-Active for shipments in specifically designed cool containers, Cool/td-Passive for goods packed with special insulation or products that can withstand minor temperature fluctuations in storage and during transportation, and Cool/td and DG for temperature-sensitive dangerous goods.

Passive temperature control for shipments

Cool/td-Passive is designed for passive temperature control for shipments:

  • Insulated packaging specially selected and approved by the customer prevents fluctuations in the contents’ temperature during transportation, while taking external conditions into consideration
  • We support this with special procedures, a dedicated infrastructure and trained personnel
  • We ensure that freight packed for passive temperature control is handled and shipped in such a way that the insulation’s ability to protect the contents is not compromised

Active temperature control

Cool/td-Active provides a comprehensive range of active cool containers backed up by special handling processes, trained personnel and a specific infrastructure.

Constant temperature control is maintained in the cool container throughout the entire journey. Opticoolers use compressors and electric heaters to regulate temperature as needed, while the Unicoolers’ cooling technology is based on dry ice and electric heaters.

Freight transported with Cool/td-Active remains in the container throughout the entire transportation chain, and containers can be provided beyond the airport to allow loading and unloading by the shipper and recipient, and to prevent temperature fluctuations during ground handling.

Why should your pharmaceutical freight fly with Cool/td?

Imagine that insulin has to travel from Switzerland to North America safely. Urgently needed vaccines must be flown from Germany to South America. Or a shipment of temperature-sensitive semiconductors from Hyderabad is expected in Barcelona. In each of these cases, you have to be sure that the shipment will arrive in top condition. And in each case, the answer is Cool/td by Lufthansa Cargo.

Cool/td is the ideal solution for all types of temperature-sensitive cargo, whether it needs a constant -20°C, +30°C or any other temperature range. For example:

  • Pharmaceutical products, biotechnological material, diagnostics
  • Vaccines, serums, plasma, proteins, lab tests
  • Temperature-sensitive high-tech products (such as semiconductors)
  • High-value foods that require refrigeration

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High-quality transportation from origin to destination means maximum reliability with maximum complexity. We provide this as a matter of course.

Visit our website for more details of our services and their benefits for you, along with all the ways to get in touch with us quickly and easily.

Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center: Infographic

Precise temperature control, exclusive handling, short distances and competent specialists - and all of that available around the clock. The planet infographic explains how the new Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center at the Frankfurt Airport works.

Lufthansa Cargo

Frankfurt Flughafen, Tor 21

Geb 322, Raum 5.131

60546 Frankfurt am Main