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Plastic Bulk Containers for Pharmaceuticals

Spoorlaan Noord 92,
5121 WX Gilze en Rijen,

Spoorlaan Noord 92,
5121 WX Gilze en Rijen,

Plastic bulk containers

CurTec manufactures and distributes plastic bulk containers designed for the needs of the pharmaceutical and speciality chemical industries where hygiene, moisture control, and quality control are major themes.

Bulk tablet containers

CurTec supplies high-performance drums, containers and crates to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for bulk shipment and storage of valuable speciality chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients and intermediates, as well as finished products in powder, tablet and paste format.

Many leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide use CurTec drums and nestable containers for bulk transport of tablets and capsules.

The finished dosage forms are double-bagged in sealed polyethylene bags and put in containers with a desiccant in between. The rigid plastic drums and containers protect against tablet crush, moisture ingress and tampering.

CurTec’s high performance packaging is clean, safe and certified. They protect against product spoilage through water (vapour) ingress, avoid contamination of valuable content and allow compliance with legal obligations.

Investing in high performance drums and bulk containers will lower supply chain cost, increase profit and raise customer satisfaction.

CurTec drums and containers comply with international food safety regulations including the new migration regulation, which will become effective as of 1 January 2015.

We have set up a Hygiene Management System in our production to control the cleanliness so we can guarantee delivery of optically clean packaging.

For your reference, CurTec created a Drug Master File, which includes all high-performance drum and containers.

Plastic pharmaceutical drums and containers by CurTec add value to a supply chain through quality, functionality, user-friendliness and design.

They are widely used throughout the pharma and speciality chemicals industry for transport inside and between production sites, as well as distribution to end-users.

Standard and bespoke packaging

CurTec not only offers a wide range of plastic drums, pails, containers, pots and crates from stock, but can also create bespoke packaging for its customers.

Custom designed drums and containers fit exact requirements and help decrease costs and increase profits.

Packaging for custom-designed drums

CurTec offers the following packaging products made of HDPE:

  • Wide neck and total opening drums: Plastic drums with screw lid closure protect valuable products against moisture, tampering and contamination. They make sure hazardous solids arrive safely at their destination. Available in capacities ranging from 3l – 68l (1-18 US gallons).
  • Nestable drums: Tapered plastic drums with screw lid closure lower the cost of storing and shipping empty packaging. Similar to total opening drums, they protect valuable products against moisture, tampering and contamination. Capacities range from 30l -115l (8-30 US gallons).
  • Click pack: Tapered plastic containers with screw lids not only lower the cost of storing and shipping empty packaging, they also reduce handling time due to the quarter turn closure. Capacities range from 6l – 25l (2-7 US gallons).
  • Packo: Small volume containers with quarter turn screw lids combine all the benefits of the larger drums and containers. They protect valuable chemicals and pharmaceuticals against water vapour, tampering and contamination and make sure that hazmat arrives safely at its destination. They are easy to handle which results in lower handling time and cost. Capacities range from 0.3l – 2.5l (10-85 floz).

About CurTec

CurTec was created in 1991 from the former Curver Plastics and is a privately owned company.

Manufacturing, research and development, and sales and marketing are located in Rijen, the Netherlands. CurTec has offices in the US, UK, Germany, France and Spain and employs 130 people.

High Performance Packaging

CurTec's plastic drums and containers with screw lid closure reduce risk, increase product safety, lower operational cost, and boost customer satisfaction.

CurTec’s Pharma-Grade Packo

CurTec's small volume container Pharma Grade Packo has been tested in accordance to both EU and US Pharmacopeia standards and is suitable as primary packaging for pharmaceuticals.

How to Maintain Tablet Elegance During Bulk Shipment

Tablet elegance is a constant concern of the pharmaceutical industry. The overall elegance is not only essential for consumer acceptance, but also affects the tablet's weight variation or content uniformity.

Why Unither Uses Plastic Drums as Primary Pharma Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in satisfying supply chain needs. In order to guarantee safe storage and internal distribution of pharmaceutical powders, Unither decided to replace one-way disposable plastic bags with a more efficient system.

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