ILC Dover to Showcase New Containment Equipment at Interphex

As the leader in flexible containment, we offer state-of-the-art containment technology. The DoverPac® films, designs and applications are accepted as the most cost-effective method to achieve high containment. See us at Interphex to discuss your applications and our proven solutions, expected OELs and cost of ownership benefits.

Our display at booth 1239 will include the following:

  • New weigh and dispense system — this modular design is developed to allow weighing or subdividing materials in a highly contained way while maintaining weighing accuracy. The system can be used to direct charge a process as well
  • New DoverPac options — the DoverPac is used globally for highly contained transfers of powders and the family of solutions has been extended to meet all size, containment and cost requirements
  • New DoverPac SF — the most versatile and robust design for transfer of powders when connecting to a sanitary flange. The design targets biopharmaceutical processes including media and buffer prep transfers. A unique valve design is available for use with the system
  • New FlexiVac — developed and tested with our global partners, the FlexiVac is the latest design to allow pneumatic conveying of powders from a drum to the process. This is the first proven design to use high containment and flexibles to ensure ergonomic and safe transfer of powders
  • New large jet feeder — the jet feeder is a proven efficient method to mix powders with liquids. ILC Dover and Jet Solutions have created a contained system for charging materials. A complete size range for all capacities is available
  • New drum sampling drum system — our flexible design will allow a sample to be taken anytime, anywhere, resulting in a tamper-proof sample and cost savings
  • New Sentinel Clear PAPR — see and test the ILC Dover system that is becoming the desired PAPR to improve operator satisfaction. Great vision, lightweight and easy to use along with a 1000 APF are just some of the reasons you’ll want to check out this new product

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