Endress+Hauser – Calibration and Verification Directly in the Pipe

In the closely regulated life sciences industry, quality, measuring accuracy and reproducibility are all of crucial importance. Total compliance with the industry’s FDA and GMP or ASME BPE requirements, is an absolute must. Every decimal percentage point knocked off, measuring uncertainty, means a significant reduction in costs – for example in the dosing, mixing and batching of active ingredients that can sometimes run to several million €/kg. Endress & Hauser ensure production efficiency by providing you with high-accuracy flow meters, the backup of a comprehensive calibration service, proven tools for verification and calibration management.

Promass P for pharmaceuticals

Promass P is a Coriolis flow meter developed specifically for the life sciences industry. It supports you whenever you need permanent metering of quality-critical process variables.

  • Compliant with ASME BPE, FDA, EHEDG and 3-A
  • Can be completely drained
  • High chemical resistance and fully welded sensor design
  • Hygienic design with corrosion-resistant, electro-polished surface
  • Excellent performance under temperature change, for example after CIP or SIP cleaning

Calibrate with traceability – wherever you want

Transparency and traceability are two key issues that are becoming increasingly important right across the life sciences industry. The onsite calibration of flow meters is also a closely related field. It is here that Endress & Hauser use mobile rigs with Promass F as the high-accuracy reference meter (transfer standard). Promass F, itself tested on accredited calibration rigs compliant with ISO⁄IEC 17025, is used to ensure complete traceability to the national standard.

Onsite calibration is complemented by CompuCal (a program for time-saving calibration management) and by the field-check tester and simulator, which enables speedy verification of meters directly in the pipe. In this way, the calibration costs and availability of the measurement are optimised.

Martin Lenz, engineer for electronics, metrology, control and operations at Sanofi Aventis in Germany, said: “As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies we place enormous emphasis on high product quality, which means 100% traceability across all our processes. So it has long been standard practice for us to use flow meters from Endress & Hauser – for example for balancing flows of materials and to meet quality-relevant requirements, say in dosing.

“Our studies over a number of years have shown that the field accuracy of Promass F evinces outstanding long-term stability. For us, that translates into maximised dependability in the process, comparatively long calibration cycles and also more economical production. Right now we are considering extending the calibration intervals for non-quality-relevant operational flow meters from two to three years.”

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