Memosens Digital Sensors See Continued Success as the 200,000th Sensor Leaves the Factory

Endress+Hauser’s innovative Memosens digital sensors provide the ideal solution for accurate and reliable pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine and turbidity measurement. On 15 November 2010, the 200,000th Memosens sensor left our factory – further proof that Memosens is well-established in the marketplace. Since its introduction six years ago, Memosens has caused a stir in the industry, with four out of five customers opting for our non-contact digital sensor technology when fitting out new plants.

The key to our success?

Unique safety: The Memosens system is completely resistant to moisture due to its inductive non-contact data transmission. The coupling connection itself is hermetically sealed. The digital measured value transmission immediately results in an error message if the signal flow is interrupted, dramatically increasing reliability and availability of the measuring point.

Simple to use: The storage of sensor and process-specific data in the sensor head makes calibration in the field obsolete. The sensors are simply exchanged by pre-calibrated sensors. Calibration is done in the comfort of the laboratory where harsh weather conditions have no influence, neither on the personnel nor on the calibration quality.

Cost savings: The possibility of simply replacing the sensors on-site and servicing them at a central location not only improves quality but also offers cost advantages. Specialists in measuring technology regenerate the sensors and make them ready for operation again, significantly increasing sensor lifetime. Another important cost advantage is the saving made on personnel costs as employees are no longer out in the field performing calibrations. To discover how much you could save, try our online calculator.

Standardization: Memosens is on its way to becoming an industry standard. To further support this development, we have signed partnerships with other measuring technology suppliers and together we are developing a joint platform of non-contact connection systems for the benefit of all users.

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