Process Monitoring Memograph CVM40 and UV Sensors Measure and Save Critical Data with Maximum Accuracy

With its UV measuring system comprising the universal transmitter and data manager, Memograph M CVM40, and the UV sensor OUSAF44, Endress+Hauser has taken a first step in extending its product range to include the field of inline photometers. To meet the demand for suppliers of complete solutions, additional sensors in the field of photometry will be added gradually over the coming months.

One single device for recording measured values and processing data

Using the Memograph M CVM40, all inline photometers can be used for continuous and accurate measurement of UV absorption, color, NIR absorption, turbidity and cell growth. Optimum readability of the measured value on the color display, the combination of the navigator and softkeys along with the intuitive menu guidance make for easy and safe operation, even in difficult conditions.

Its specific benefit is that measured values can be recorded and data processed in one single device. Via additional analog inputs, externally generated measured values, such as flow, pressure, temperature etc. can also be recorded and calculated. The data are saved to an internal storage device, an SD card or a USB stick, making for easy data exchange via standard interfaces. FDA-compliant user administration (21 CRF 11) guarantees the highest level of data security at the same time as providing a high level of functionality. The measured data are output via two analog current outputs. An optional connection to fieldbuses is possible via Profibus DP, Modus RTU or Ethernet Modbus TCP.

Accurate UV measurement using the OUSAF44 sensor

The photometric sensor OUSAF44 enables accurate, linear and reproducible calculation of UV absorption, which corresponds directly with laboratory values. Direct inline measurement enables the optimization of process control and product yield. It replaces time- and labor-intensive sampling followed by laboratory testing. Typical applications of the OUSAF44 sensor include the calculation of product concentrations, chromatography control, concentration measurement of organic compounds and the detection of aromatic compounds. The high level of accuracy and linearity is achieved thanks to the optimized measurement filters at discreet wavelengths between 254nm and 365nm and the use of a reference channel. This results in a direct correspondence with laboratory values.

Easy calibration using Easycal

An excellent feature of the OUSAF44 is the patented Easycal system, which enables easy and traceable inline verification and calibration without liquid standards. It comprises two coated and certified calibration filters with different absorption values, which can be swiveled into the optical path, thereby producing a defined absorption value.

The Easycal system is integrated into the robust, sealed detector module and therefore guarantees optimum protection as well as ensuring that the calibration filters are highly resistant and stable. Calibration of the complete measuring point can take place in the piping with an integrated sensor and using the menu guidance feature of the Memograph M CVM40.

Flexible installation with modular flow assembly OUA260

The installation of the OUSAF44 sensor in the pipe is done using the modular flow assembly OUA260. The modular design of the flow assembly enables a high degree of flexibility when choosing the materials wetted by product and also facilitates optimum adjustment to process conditions. Depending on the application and the requirements, you can choose between different materials.

The range extends from simple applications to processes with the toughest hygiene requirements, such as surface roughness, traceable and FDA-complaint as well as CIP/SIP-resistant materials. For accurate measurements in the case of optical path lengths = 5mm, the flow assembly with the patented POPL system (Precision Optical Path Length) may be used.

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