Be Prepared for Audits with Paperless All-In-One Sensor Management

At Endress+Hauser we know that your needs go far beyond offering the best instrumentation for your application. Maintenance and documentation are important factors too, especially in the life sciences industry. You have to guarantee product quality and safety, meet regulations and be efficient at the same time.

Measure, calibrate and document with Memobase Plus

Memobase Plus is the all-in-one management tool for Memosens sensors. The software does not only calibrate the sensors and read out sensor data but gives you detailed reports on sensor history and status.

Memobase Plus enables you to:

  • Centralize maintenance of Memosens analytical sensors, thus making it more efficient
  • Improve calibration quality
  • Automate documentation

Safer processes and higher product quality

High product quality is extremely important in the Life Sciences industry because products are often precious. Since the Memosens technology enables calibration in the lab under ideal conditions, you can achieve higher measurement accuracy and thus optimized processes. Memosens technology also guarantees a maximized availability of your plant because sensors are simply replaced in the field instead of doing time-consuming calibrations on-site.

All the documentation and traceability that you need

Memobase Plus features user management and audit trail that enable you to work according to FDA 21CFR Part 11:

  • Any modification of existing data sets is detected and marked
  • Memobase Plus saves all measurement, calibration and sensor-related data in a local and or central data base
  • With the "as found – as left" activated, Memobase Plus provides a complete performance profile for the sensors
  • You are also optimally informed about test solutions. The integrated monitoring system tracks which solution you are using, when it was opened and when it expires

Out of these data, you can generate reports of measurement, calibration and sensor history fulfilling all requirements on traceability and being perfectly prepared for any audit without doing any manual paperwork.

Where process meets laboratory

For the first time, the same calculation, the same cables and the same sensors as those in the process are used in the lab with Memobase Plus. This makes the measured values genuinely comparable, since differences due to the measuring system are eliminated. The sensors can be validated at an early stage and accompany the product development process from the beginning – with consistent results from start to finish. Therefore, upscaling is also easier and safer than ever.

Memobase Plus is based on Memosens and what’s special about Memosens?

The measuring signals are digitalized and transferred inductively i.e. via a non-contact connection. Failures due to moisture or corrosion are a thing of the past. Information on sensor and process is stored in the sensor head which enables plug&play and makes handling of the measuring points easy.

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