Survey Reports Cell and Bacteria Cultures Remain Unaffected by Microwaves Used for Level Measurement in the Life Sciences Industry

For the manufacturing processes in the life sciences industry, it is of decisive importance that unintentional impacts on cell and bacteria cultures are avoided. For this reason, Endress+Hauser was approached with questions concerning the biological compatibility of the microwaves emitted by Levelflex and Micropilot (two Endress+Hauser level measurement products with time-of-flight measuring methods using guided or freely emitted radar microwaves).

Biological compatibility of microwaves

In order to support users in the life sciences industry and to clarify the question of biological compatibility, Endress+Hauser implemented a survey together with the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen, Germany, to evaluate the biological compatibility of the microwaves of Levelflex and Micropilot. Prof. Dr. J. Sliny of the Research Center for Electromagnetic Environmental Compatibility based the survey on scientific papers thus far published on the subject of ‘microwaves in biomedical processes’.

Microwaves do not affect cell and bacteria cultures

A total of 212 papers investigating the frequency ranges of Micropilot and Levelflex were evaluated. All of the investigations proved that, according to the present state of science, the instruments do not have a verifiable influence on the volume of the cells, nor do they cause any thermal or athermal effects.

The survey therefore confirmed the experience made by users so far: The microwaves of Levelflex and Micropilot do not have any influence on cell and bacteria cultures in the life sciences industry.

The advantages for biotechnological processes

The modern time-of-flight measuring methods, based on radar, are increasingly used in biotechnology processes of the life sciences industry. Users appreciate the universal deployability and the independence of medium properties in these modern measuring methods.

The advantages are:

  • Medium properties are not affected
  • Universal use of the instrumentation in the varied process steps of biotechnology processes
  • Measurement is independent of medium properties

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